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In the beauty world stylists are increasingly doing their clients hair extensions in the unique Italian technology with keratin capsules.

The effect exceeds all expectations! Donor hair is attached to your curls with a special capsule that absolutely painless.

Your appearance is transformed in a matter of minutes.

Hair extensions in Kiev from Ivanna Farysei

With this method, you can:

  • to grow the curls to the desired length, up to the belt;
  • hair extensions with microcapsule method;
  • to produce hair extensions for short hair (length 8-10 cm);
  • you can do balayage highlights, not painted with any strands to your natural hair, you can attach painted;
  • significantly lengthen the hair up to 80 cm;
  • give them a three-dimensional volume;
  • you can change even the structure – to transform smooth to wavy.

To see the procedure you can on different photos of hair extensions. It's very simple, quick and safe for your hair.

Hair extensions at home will also give a good result – the master will bring all necessary tools with them and will perform the procedure the same as in beauty studio.

The procedure extensions.

Capsular hair extension is carried out only after it was clarified all important issues with their clients: for example, color, length and structure of the hairs. Determine how curls ready for the ongoing procedure.

Capsule extensions, beautiful blonde

Be sure to calculate the required number of strands that will be easy to sustain your roots.

Buy the donor hair I have, the wide choice of colours and lengths for you.

The whole process is very safe, as it takes into account all the nuances of your hair, my goal is not to harm and do not degrade your natural hair.

The cost of hair extensions depends on length and number of strands. Once you have identified all the features, you can start working.

From the beginning, a small curl capsulised with keratin special tweezers. Now it can be applied to your hair, stepping back a few millimeters from the roots. Video about hair extensions you can persuade in complete safety during the procedure.

Heated tongs to the second held at the connection, then you can begin to build a capsule of warm keratin – the control itself, clear or matched to your hair color.

Keratin extensions, black hair

Hair extension on capsules requires the timely correction, otherwise the hairstyle will look very unnatural and messy. Therefore, approximately three months will need to apply to the master. Of course, the frequency of the individual – it all depends on hair type, further care of extended tresses.

Reviews on hair extensions and corrections are only positive services are very popular with the clients. In order to return the hair in good condition, you will first need to gently remove the already grown hair, then make a new capsule and bring it closer to the follicles of hair. Hair it is possible to use the same, but you can vary the hair.

Hair care.

The price of hair extensions won't bite – every woman can afford it. But it is very important to provide proper care and is affixed curls, and natural hair.

It is recommended to choose a mild shampoo with a PH level of 4.5 for daily use. In any case, do not purchase tools 3 in 1 is included in the oil components contribute to the drift of the capsules.

The mask and balms apply exclusively on the ends: they do not cure and do not eliminate cosmetic problems, but only makes the roots harder. Their main function – easy combing and moisturizing.

On end of hair can also apply a little oil – it Pat dry with a towel, and 2-3 drops before it spread well in your hands.

Important tip: it is best to go for hairbrushes with natural boar bristles, it's perfect for extending strands. It is well combs, does not electrifies them, not tangled, not rips the capsule and does not damage.

Selection long hair photo

Hair length.

It’s necessary to choose the correct structure of hair!

To make the right choice of Slavic hair for hair extensions, you need a consultation of the master!

You need to consider all the nuances - the structure, color, length, hair cut and the desired result.

As you can see, the result of the procedure depends not only on the length of the hair, so, the choice of hair should be considered seriously.

Be beautiful and unique with our master - long and beautiful hair is now more affordable than ever!


Cost of work

Ivanna Pharisee provides a variety of services on hair extensions and their further care.

Prices for hair extensions in Kiev depends on the chosen method and amount of hair.

For example, here is the price list for the combined method (standard with microcapsules in the areas of the temples, top, and front row):

  • from 100 to 150 gram – from 1 300 UAH.;
  • from 150 to 200 gram – from 1 500 UAH.;
  • from 200 to 300 gram – from 2 000 UAH.

Hair extensions in Kiev, the microcapsules will cost you:

  • from 100 to 150 gram – from 1 500 UAH.;
  • from 150 to 200 gram – from 2 000 UAH.;
  • from 200 to 300 gram – from 2 500 UAH.

Procedure hair extensions necessarily implies the correction is plus 500 UAH for basic services.

The removal of the capsules and the unraveling of the formed mats will cost from 500 UAH. Hair extensions at home also involves the payment of the departure of the master in both directions. Be beautiful and unique with our master - long and beautiful hair is now more affordable than ever!

Photos of my work

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