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Micellar water

Constant hair care-the key to their health and chic appearance. In order to make the curls look beautiful, radiated health, glistened and shimmered in the light, it is important to choose the right tools. This article will help you.

Negligence in the hair

Careless hairstyles-trend for several seasons in a row. This fashion only on hand girls: now you can not torture your hair irons and hair dryers, gels and varnishes. Now you can stop at the natural beauty and just enjoy their appearance.


Parabens are now present in almost every cosmetic product. In the Wake of the fashion for environmental friendliness, many women began to carefully read the composition and abandon unnatural products. But are parabens so harmful?

Liquid crystals

Liquid crystals are rapidly gaining popularity in the beauty industry. The action of the tool is aimed at recovery, nutrition, prevention of cross-section. This makeup really transforms the look of the hair, making them smooth and manageable.

during pregnancy

Pregnant women are beautiful and gentle, the interesting position only decorates them even more. Hair extension during this period is a procedure that many girls think about. We will help you to understand how safe it is.

How to get rid

Dandruff is a problem that everyone faced at least once in his life. Cosmetic struggle with the problem and the selection of special shampoos leads only to the elimination of external signs. Complex struggle will provide only professional care.

Foto cheap hair

The choice of hair for hair extensions-a serious question, as their quality depends on the result of the procedure as a whole. Millions of stylists recommend Slavic bandles. Choose only the best hair for yourself, because you deserve to be irresistible!

Foto procedure hair shielding

Hair screening is a new medical procedure that transforms curls literally before your eyes. If you want to improve your curls and fill them with energy, this complex of tools is the best.

Elyuminirovanie hair

Hair elumination is the latest procedure that allows not only to dye hair in any desired shade, but also provides quality care for them. This is the dream of many women, because now coloring can be beneficial!

Megan Markle's wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle in the style of Megan Markle is an elegant simplicity, suitable for any style. Ivanna Farysei will help you to become the most beautiful bride and feel like a real Queen! Complement your look with light natural make-up and elegant jewelry.

Why you should wash your hairbrush regularly-reasons and rules

We will analyze why it is necessary to wash the comb regularly and what rules should be followed. The question of hygiene has not bypassed and comb, which each of us uses every day and carries with him on the robot, in a restaurant, on a trip.

Common mistake

Prepared for you a list of tips of "what not to do with hair." We will analyze the frequent mistakes of girls who face the problems of hair loss, dryness and fragility. Pay attention to our recommendations and you are guaranteed to appreciate the result.

Foto Hair care after childbirth

Blog Ivanna Farysei Kyiv gathered for you the most current recommendations for care of hair after childbirth. After childbirth, the woman's body loses strength and requires recovery. This affects the hair that is prone to loss. It is important to take a responsible approach to the selection of hair care products during this period.

Foto Hair and honey-nutrition and recovery

Blog Ivanna Farysei Kiev have gathered for you useful tips on hair care with natural honey. Honey-the most valuable product which is known from an antiquity. Its nutritional properties can significantly improve the condition of the hair and restore them. Start recovery from today and you will appreciate the result.

Foto Kanekalon, the fashion for brightness

Welcome to author's blog Ivanna Farysei Kiev! Today large popularity was acquired kanekalon synthetic strands that are woven into the own hair. What is such a fashion trend and how to make it an original hairstyle? We'll figure it out right now.

How to wash your hair

Hair care-an important issue for every girl, regardless of whether she performed hair extensions or simply seeks to maintain the natural beauty of their own. Shampooing requires special attention, because it affects the General condition and health of the hair. Right now we will analyze the main recommendations.

Hair changes with age

You began to notice that the hair with age lose their strength? Hair extension-a sure way to preserve the luxurious hair, as in the days of his youth. Right now we will learn how to deal with age-related hair changes and what it is associated with.

Famous stars with the beautiful

Did you know that most famous people have done a hair extension? Hollywood beauties amaze millions of fans with their unusually luxurious long hair. Not everyone is lucky by nature to have a long hair to the shoulder blades or belt — modern and successful girls know how to be on the wave of popularity.

Secrets of well-groomed hair

Scalp care causes a number of problems? In this article we will reveal the secrets of well-groomed and healthy hair. You will learn how to achieve the effect of shining and obedient hair, using a simple scheme from experts. Right now we will analyze the factors of proper care from A to z.

How to choose shampoo

You go to the hair products Department and your eyes run away. What should be the best shampoos for hair, and what should even bypass the tenth road? We have collected for you the most useful information about the selection of the correct shampoo, from which there will be no effect of breakage, loss and dandruff.

Foam hair-how to properly

How to get long, well-groomed hair without expensive tools? In this always helped foam for hair. It helps to give the hair volume, Shine, smoothness. If you are puzzled by the question " how to properly and beautifully style your hair?"stay with us.

The history of the comb

How did this procedure daily to comb the hair and as that is what our ancestors did? "Star" today's article will be indispensable, practical and very useful for the health of hair — comb. We will find out what story had to go through this accessory, which today has every hairdresser and girl in her bag.

Features of hair

The holiday season is a great opportunity to take a break from the work fuss and make up for it, but this time is fraught with many dangers for your hair. Today's tips will help you to preserve the beauty and grooming of your hair and at the same time have a great rest.

Care of the scalp experts

Hair health begins with proper and systematic care of the scalp. Healthy skin in the area of hair growth on the head contributes greatly to the quality of the hair, so taking care of it is as important as taking care of the beauty of the hair itself.

Healthy hair

We all want to be healthy-it is clear and reasonable human desire. In the pursuit of body health, do not forget that healthy and well-groomed hair is not only an important attribute of beauty, but also an indicator of the General state of the body.

Beautiful hair

How to make the hair remain beautiful and well-groomed always? This is one of the eternal questions that concern the minds of women at all times. Fortunately, today we have available many ways to bring the state of your curls to perfection.

Application of Botox

The technology of using cosmetic Botox to restore the hair is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world. Created on the basis of botulinum toxin, this drug promotes a complex and fast-acting hair improvement.

Hair loss

Hair loss-the problem is quite serious, with which to fight in time. As soon as you notice that fallen hairs on the comb and bathe in time was too much, you need to pay attention to the condition of curls in General.

Which hair dryer is better?

Almost every girl has a hair dryer: it allows not only to quickly dry wet hair, but also to make any styling. But you need to choose them carefully, so that they are not just coping with their functions, but also carefully treated to the strands.

Hairstyle of your dreams

Long beautiful hair-it's not just very beautiful and feminine, it is also a very large space for your fantasies. With such curls to experiment a pleasure: you can do any hairstyle and look different every day.

Folk remedies for hair beauty

Beautiful hair is the wealth and luxury of every woman. To maintain the curls in perfect condition will help folk remedies: useful decoctions, natural masks, rubbing oils, homemade lotions and much more important – to stock up on time and patience.

Create an image with long hair

Long hair is, of course, the wealth of every woman. They add the image of femininity, romance, mystery. Such curls are very wide open space for your imagination, it is possible to make any pleasant hairdress.

What is important to know before hair extensions

Hair extension-a procedure that allows you to radically change your image, while not harming the native curls. We will tell you what you need to know before hair extensions, how to care for them and how to protect yourself from negative experience.

Cuticle hair-what is important

Hair cuticle is an important component of each hair. This is a kind of scales, of which it consists. From the location of the cuticle largely depends on the quality of donor hair – we will tell you what to remember when choosing.

Haircut of extension hair

Haircut the extension hair – do this procedure and what results it will give. What you need to know about the haircut, how to choose the length and what style will suit. Tips experienced craftsmen how to prepare for the procedure and many other useful tips.

Which hair extensions is better

Two of the most popular method of hair extensions is a capsule and tape. Consider their main advantages and disadvantages, compare them and answer the question, what technology is better. Choose the one that most carefully treat your hair.

How to wash hair

How to wash your hair after extensions: tips masters. You will learn which shampoo is best to choose how to keep your head when washing, how to gently comb the strands and more. With quality care, your strands will delight you for a long time.

New look-chic long hair

Chic long hair is the wealth and pride of every girl. But not everyone is blessed with thick tresses, are able to grow to the necessary length. In this case, the procedure of building – up will come to the aid-the favorite of millions of girls.

A liquid to remove the overgrown hair

In order to keep the native hair healthy and silky, the enlarged strands should be removed only with a special liquid. It will allow not to damage the structure of hairs, will keep their natural Shine and silkiness.

Long hair

Long hair is a symbol of femininity, they always attract enthusiastic views of men. Psychologists noted that well-groomed long curls attract the opposite sex: they want to touch them, iron, feel their silky.

High-quality keratin

The main differences between high-quality keratin: how not to buy a fake and distinguish frankly low-quality goods. Hot ways of hair extension using keratin, why it is very important not to save on materials for the stylist.

Effective care of hair

Hair extensions need constant high-quality care, so they can delight you with its impeccable condition within a few months. All care products are available, there are no difficulties in the application process.

Beautiful straight hair

Keratin hair straightening is a procedure that helps to make curls perfectly straight and shiny. The effect lasts for a long time: the hairstyle is easy to fit, does not push after washing, and retains its appearance even during bad weather.

Care for the scalp

Save beautiful hair, stop hair loss, refresh the look of hair helps proper scalp care. In this case all means are good: both national, and pharmaceutical, and bought in shops. Just a few steps and your hair will shine with health and energy.

Hair extension technology

Hot and cold hair extensions: the main differences, pros and cons of each kind, recommendations on the type of hair. What is the procedure to take care for native hair and the effect lasts longer.

Techniques of Balayage the hair

Balayage by hair extensions – a new procedure to pleasing clients. This is a great way to diversify your hair style, make new and original colors, to refresh your image. It is absolutely safe method, carefully related to native curls.

Capsulation of the strands without reducing of the length

Preparation of donor strands to the hot hair extensions without loss of length: the basic manual steps of hand calculations as not to lose precious inches to achieve the desired result. Client will definitely be satisfied!

Polishing hair

Polishing hair as one of the most effective means in the struggle for beautiful long hair without the drawbacks. Advantages and disadvantages of treatments to suit what effect to expect. After polishing your curls literally "come alive"!

A ribbon or capsular hair extension

Capsular hair extension and Ribbon hair extension: the main differences, the basic advice to girls, advice from professional stylists. How to choose the right type depending on the condition of native strands.

Slavic hair foto

Slavic, South Slavic, Asian and European hair types, their main differences, advantages and disadvantages of each type. Why Slavic hair is considered a luxury, their main strengths and overall performance..

Balayage hair extensions with Italian technology

Balayage hair extensions with Italian technology , the main advantages of the procedure and its outcome. Beautiful stylish hairstyle which will maintain its great look even after a few months, is a real joy for girls.

The process of hair extensions for short hair

For all girls who dream to grow long hair, found the solution - it is necessary to watch how to make extensions for short hair. All with maximum safety for your native strands, and the hair looks just great!

Micro hair extensions - jewelry work of master

To do hair extensions, so that no one will know your secret - this is micro hair extensions hair. Capsules are made so small that they remain invisible to prying eyes, and you will not feel it on native strands.

Slavic hair for hair extensions

If you dream about long beautiful hair, Slavic hair for hair extensions will help you with this. This is a very smooth, soft, shiny strands that will delight you not only for its remarkable appearance and excellent quality.

Detox for hair

Cleansing the scalp is a very important procedure, so you need to tell what is detox for your hair. After this, you will see how transformed your hair will literally feel your skin "breathe".

Botox for your hair

Botox for hair – contemporary popular procedure that provides restorative effect to damaged hair, split ends. Read more about the specifics of the procedure, the indications for it, the effect of with photos and reviews – in the following article.

Keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening is a great way for a long time to straighten and protect hair from destruction. Despite the rather high price of the procedure, the effect is long-lasting and of the highest quality.  About all the intricacies of the technology in the next article.

Hair extensions procedure

Beautiful girls! Let's be clear about the hair extensions procedure?! This is a modern and very sophisticated barbershop service in the world! It's a way out of the situation, the solution to the problem is short, thin hair!

Stages of hair extensions

Regardless of the technology of hair extensions, the stages remain the same. It starts with consultation. Together with the client, we discuss the final result, how he sees himself and also do the analysis of his native hair - it is necessary to make sure that the client's native hair is fully healthy and can withstand a certain load on the root.

Hair correction

Hair correction is individual, as each of us has a different speed of hair growth. Practice shows that more than three months to wear extended strands does not recommend!

Italian, сapsule hair extensions

As you can see, the name speaks for itself! In 1991 in Italy for the first time appeared a wonderful way of extensions donor strands. Nowadays there are many ways in which it is possible to do hair extensions. But from experience I can say, that it is the Italian method of hair extensions – capsular extension on the keratin microcapsules, hot technology - the most comfortable and popular in the whole world.

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