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Beautiful girls! Let's be clear about the hair extensions procedure?! This is a modern and very sophisticated barbershop service in the world! It's a way out of the situation, the solution to the problem is short, thin hair!

The essence of the procedure: add donor, natural hair of the appropriate structure, color and length to the client,s hair, in order to increase the volume, thickness, and length of the hair. This method allows you to achieve fundamental changes in the image!

Extensions can be worn from 2-3 months. After that time, you have to make hair correction. After 2-3 months of native hair grows along with the extensions strands as a result of a large weight on the root. And you also need to remove the hair, which falls out naturally, but remains on your head because it's clamped by a capsule.

The result is confused hair. So we need to re-create hair extensions - donor strands take off and return to the original position closer to the roots.

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