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Beautiful and well-groomed curls can be not only a gift of nature, but also the result of high-quality hair extensions. The modern beauty industry offers many options for such a procedure, when your cunning will not be noticed.

What is the cuticle of the hair.

Cuticle hair is their outer layer, that is, a kind of protection from the influence of the environment. This coating largely provides Shine and silky hair texture: fewer problems with the cuticle, the more alive and beautiful looking hair in General. In that case, when the cuticle is completely healthy, and the curls in General have a chic look.

When smooth protective layer strands like streaming, they freely slide over the surface of each other. As a rule, the cuticle consists of 6-19 layers of cells, they are superimposed on each other, so the surface looks smooth. On the surface of each of our hair is a kind of natural conditioner – fatty acid film. Thanks to her healthy curls Shine, look smooth.

The state of the cuticle is largely very strongly influenced by the following factors.

№1. Chemical effects on the hair. Any colouring, lightening, perming, straightening very much damage this top layer. It is because of this that many girls complain that the hair becomes like hard straw. In addition, during such procedures scales rise, the entire structure of the hair is damaged.

№2. As a result of the constant harmful effects on the strands of the protective natural mechanisms are significantly reduced, strands begin to fade, cut and strongly confused with each other. The only thing that could help is the well-chosen quality care.

№3. In addition, a very harmful effect on the condition of hair, overheating in the sun, as well as drying hair dryer or the use of irons for straightening or Curling. be careful when combing.

What you need to know about the cuticle when use hair extensions.

In order for hair extensions to have a wonderful result, it is necessary to select good donor strands. Good as times are those in which the cuticle is facing the same direction. Master Ivanna Farysei will help you choose a good option that will long delight you with its impeccable views.

In London you will find many offers to buy donor hair. But it's better to stay on Slavic:

  • they have a cuticle in a natural position – that is, they look shiny and silky;
  • they are very easy to comb and lay, strands are not confused, as is the case with Asian donor curls;
  • they retain their natural Shine and look very natural, so that cause delight in many clients;
  • very many times are subject to correction, which can not be said about Asian curls – they are hard and brittle.

It is best not to save and buy a good hair bundle to make your hair look simply irresistible.

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