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Many girls dream to change themselves, and this is very helpful hair extensions. This is the harmless method to transform, and thus does not damage the native hair, that is pleasant doubly. Long hair is a lot of interesting hairstyles and styling, it's every day a new you.

What you need to know about hair extensions.

Many girls after the first procedure then refuse in General to fasten donor strands. This is not surprising, because there is always a risk of getting a bad master, buy low-quality materials or then provide the wrong care of his hair.

We will understand everything in more detail.

№1. An inept master. Have you noticed how many stylists now do not even have a certificate or at least a rich experience? They take a little for their work (although some insolence enough to deceive customers), but the result remains deplorable. Ivanna Farysei offers you only high-quality services: her experience and practical knowledge is noted by many clients.

№2. Poor-quality donor hair. To be honest, the only Slavic curls. They look very natural, easy to comb, can be corrected several times. They are shiny, silky to the touch and smooth-with them the hairstyle looks irresistible.

№3. Wrong care. It is very important to provide donor strands with high-quality care. Shampoo choose without oils in the composition, the entire length of the capsules apply balm or oil, try to limit the use of the hair dryer. In no case do not comb wet hair, go to combs made of natural or artificial bristles. When combing be sure to hold the capsule.

In order for hair to please you with their appearance, do not ignore these rules. It is also very important to choose the right technique, as we will discuss below.

What technology is the capacity to choose.

Hair extension technique - the question is quite responsible, it largely depends on it and what kind of hairstyle you get. The most common methods are now considered varieties of hot hair extensions.

  • Italian hair extensions. A very popular method, which consists in using an organic keratin and build-up of strands directly on the small capsules. Granules, in turn, can be formed almost imperceptible: under the color of the roots and small in size. The effect lasts for a very long time.
  • English way. Preceded the first, but was not so successful and practical. The capsules were quite bulky, causing discomfort to the scalp, making it impossible to updo.

Master Ivanna Farysei in London has also use a tape. This is a cool way that is suitable for any type of hair, adhesive tapes are hypoallergenic and generally does not harm the structure of the hairs. But its drawback is that if you care wrong tape can begin to peel off.

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