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Long luxurious curls have long ceased to be an impossible dream: hair extensions will allow you to achieve the most chic results in a short time. We shouldn't fear this: professional masters select such techniques that are as careful to your native strands.

Hot technology for hair extensions.

Beautiful strands are a dream of the majority of girls. Unfortunately, nature is not all awarded a thick hair, which also grows to the desired length. That is why many turn to services professional stylists: hair extensions has ceased to frighten our beauties.

And really, in this procedure there is nothing terrible. If the wizard selects the appropriate and gentle techniques of hair extensions, the whole procedure is comfortable. You together with the stylist choose the optimal length, density, color and other details, it is possible to fully control the process.

Methods of hair extensions today very much. The most practical options remain a hot style. These include:

  • English technique. She has appeared before all long enough and was popular among girls. In order to attach the donor strands, the master used a special resin, from which large enough capsules were formed. The main disadvantage of this approach was a strong discomfort: spikes were quite heavy, they were felt in the process of socks and strongly stood out on natural hair;
  • Italian technique. This method has replaced English and immediately won recognition from the clients. It is thanks to this approach that it is possible to create microcapsules from organic keratin that will be invisible in the area of the bangs, the back of the head or even on thin hair. In order to get a strong mount, the master uses special tongs that warm keratin, but do not injure the scalp.

In that case, if you want a long and maximally natural effect, then it makes sense to turn it to hot techniques. Such long hair will definitely attract admiring hair, and your cunning no one will notice.

Cold hair extensions techniques.

If you are still afraid of the need to mount donor strands with resin or keratin, you can pay attention to the cold technology. Of course, from the point of view of the duration of the hotter effect will be the best, but take into account the wishes of the client should always.

1. Tape hair extensions. Donor strands are attached to the native special tape that does not damage the scalp. But there is a drawback: in the selection of hairstyles you will be limited, as the tape can be seen.

2. With the use of metal beads. For work master selects high-quality material that will provide a long-term effect. But the beads are very heavy and can cause discomfort.

Master offers the best prices in London: every girl can afford the luxury of long silky hair.

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