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Most girls dream of long silky curls, grow them now can be very easy: for this stylists came up with several techniques of hair extensions. This trick looks very natural and natural, and small capsules also allow you to make any hairstyle of your dreams.

Long hair: each girl's wealth.

Many girls complain that they have long dreamed of long curls, but to grow them naturally does not work. This is by no means an excuse for despair: today there are many ways to get your dream hairstyle without putting too much effort. For example, you can perform a build-up procedure.

The best choice will be Italian technology. For his work, the master uses organic keratin, which does not cause allergic reactions on the part of clients. This material allows you to create strong invisible capsules. Among other advantages of the method are:

  • natural appearance. Unlike the cold method of building, this hairstyle looks as natural as possible. Hair nicely, no sharp transition from the native to the donor strands;
  • capsules can be made of minimum size. They will be invisible in the General form of hair, no discomfort during the socks you will not feel;
  • the master uses the tongs preheated to a certain temperature. At the same time, the temperature regime is chosen as gentle as possible, taking into account the peculiarities of natural hairs;
  • capsules can be painted in such a way that they coincide with the shade at the roots of curls. Thanks to this approach, they will not be visible;
  • after hair extensions you will be able to access the pool, sauna, steam bath, and strands are not deformed.

Beautiful hair is now quite feasible dream in which there is no sense to refuse to itself. The small size of capsules at the Italian increase gives a unique opportunity to experiment with hairdresses, it is possible even to do and high tails Other ways of such opportunity do not give.

Can I cut my hair.

Whatever technique you choose, the shape of the hairstyle after building necessarily need to adjust. Long hair-this is the luxury on which to show imagination can be with great pleasure. Hairstyles can make a variety of:

  • cascade. This variant of laying for several seasons does not lose its relevance. "Ladder" visually increases the volume, looks very neat and feminine;
  • curly curls. Such a romantic hairstyle for a special occasion as well as possible emphasize not only your beauty, but also refined taste;
  • classic smooth cut. Fashion is constantly changing, but perfectly smooth strands always remain relevant. This is a versatile hairstyle for any occasion;
  • a variety of braids. Strands, complex weaving. If the capsules are small, very afraid of these hairstyles makes no sense.

Be the brightest, Ivanna Farysei will always help you in this. This master has the most favorable offers in Лондон.

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