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A high – quality hair dryer is a requirement not only for natural curls, but also after the hair extension procedure. In this case, the stylists recommend in any case not to direct the flow of hot air to the place of capsules. They can start to deform, and the hair is very spoiled.

What are the types of hair dryers.

Choosing a hair dryer-it is quite responsible. In order that the technician coped well with the functions, it is better not to save. Low-cost models have few functions, modes, attachments, so sooner or later you will want to buy a more powerful option. Besides the fact that the device should be powerful, it should also be easy to use.

For their appointment hair dryers are household, professional and semi-professional. The first variety is suitable for normal use at home. Semi-professional can also be purchased for domestic purposes, it will have more functions and modes.

Acquire professional equipment for beauty salons. They will help you to create complex hairstyles, to quickly dry the hair and ensure a long-lasting high-quality coloring. Of course, such models are not suitable for use at home.

There are several types of hair dryers.

1. Concentrators. They have only one nozzle in the form of a slit, in which all the hot air is concentrated. Their comfortable and ergonomic, you cannot call such variants are strongly desiccate basically only one strand.

2. Hair styling tool. Their main function is that they help to make the necessary laying. They only have one nozzle: a round brush. For conventional drying curls this technique is not suitable.

3. Diffusers. Thanks to these models, it is possible to evenly dry the hair and give them volume. In this nozzle there are special "fingers" through which the hot air seeps.

4. Gun. In its form, this technique really resembles a weapon, to use it conveniently. Compact handle lies well in the hand, it does not slip and does not bring discomfort.

5. Cylinder. These are small in weight devices, which are often used by novice stylists. With them it is easy to make any hairstyle.

6. Compact such options are foldable, so they are often taken on a business trip or on a long journey.

Additional functions hair dryer.

There are many more hair dryers and many additional features. In shops of London you will always be able to find a wide variety of equipment which will approach under all your requirements.

Among such functions can be identified:

  • the friction of the nozzle. This innovation pleases many women: you can safely separate the strands from each other, putting a hair dryer on the table;
  • touch sensor switch-off. If you decide to put a Hairdryer on the table, it will automatically turn off, thereby helping to save electricity. Will enter technique, too, automatically;
  • built-in ionizer. The usual drying will become more and comprehensive care – jet air will begin to treat the strands.

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