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If you are faced with hair loss and eliminated the problem, then disguise the damaged hair can be using hair extensions. With a strong hair loss most masters are urged to refrain from experimenting: any exposure can worsen the condition of the strands.

What to do with hair loss.

The most important recommendation is not to panic. With this problem is faced by every girl, with proper care and treatment it can be quite successfully eliminated. If there are no improvements, it is necessary to consult a trichologist – the doctor will determine the cause and help restore the curls in good condition.

Hair can fall out and from fragility. If you notice that there is no bulb on the tip, then the hair is not completely torn off, the new one will not grow in its place. In this case, you can just cut the brittle places, start using nourishing masks, abandon irons and hair dryers, go to the gum, leaving no creases.

If the hair is rapidly falling out by the roots, then the problem lies deeper.

Consider the main reasons.

1. Stress and lack of sleep. If you are a lot of nervous and sleep less than 8 hours, then this does not benefit the curls. Change the mode of life: stop nervous on trifles, get enough sleep, and the situation will improve on its own.

2. Poor diet. If you abuse sweet, fat, fast food-be sure to limit the amount of harmful food or completely abandon it. Eggs, spinach, fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, salmon), nuts, dairy products, oatmeal, liver, red meat are best friends of skin and hair.

3. Vitamin deficiency. In order to itrade well grown and strong, you need to eat foods rich in iron (liver, meat, dried apricots, buckwheat), calcium (cheese, cheese), vitamins of group B.

4. Hormonal failure. Not superfluous in hair loss will go to the reception to the endocrinologist. He will reveal the imbalance of hormones and prescribe the effective complex treatment.

In the cold season be sure to wear a hat: the cold is very bad for the hair follicles, in any case do not expose your head hypothermia is fraught with not only hair loss. Do not be amiss to choose a high-quality comb: for example, a wooden massage brush.

How to improve the condition of the scalp.

If the problem of hair loss is not caused by diseases of internal organs and beriberi, then it makes sense to do cosmetic procedures.

  • Treatment of hair Botox. Ivanna Farysei holds this complex to many clients complaining about the deterioration of the hair.
  • Head skin detox. Over time, hair follicles can become clogged, which leads to loss. In London, this procedure will cost you inexpensive.
  • Homemade natural masks. For example, the onion mask stimulates the roots of hair and stops hair loss.
  • Choose high quality shampoos. Don't skimp as cheap tools will only worsen the situation.
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