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For the uninitiated reader, the very fact of using Botox for hair may be news, since this drug is strongly associated with plastic surgery, but not with cosmetology. Understand the reason for this misunderstanding is easy, because the plastic face and its role in the life of many celebrities are constantly on everyone's lips, in addition, and the reputation of this drug is not the best.

Use of cosmetic botulinum.

First of all, it is worth noting that the procedure in question, has nothing to do with any injections, nor with any interventions in the muscles of the face. This is important to note, as the very presence of this term in the name may initially cause confusion or even scare the client.

In fact, the only similarity that these two techniques have is the name of the substances used. Developed by Italian specialists in 2014, the method of application of extracts based on botulinum compounds is aimed at comprehensive recovery of damaged cuticles. It can help in the case if the hair was damaged by hair dyes, harmful effects of the environment or failure of a cosmetic experiment. In particular, it can be used before using one of the techniques of hair extension to improve and prepare the hair for the upcoming execution.

Features of the procedure.

The substance used in this process is obtained in the following way. The converted botulinum toxin is mixed with keratin, amino acids and restorative substances, forming a viscous mixture resembling a normal mask. To achieve the best rubbing, essential and vegetable oils are added to the composition.

The resulting material acts according to the type of covering of the mask. Being applied to wet hair, the composition is evenly distributed throughout their length with forceps. Depending on the volume, a different amount of substance may be required – so, long hair will require longer exposure to achieve a better effect. On average, the drug should be periodically applied for a period of three to five months (in especially advanced cases – up to six months or more).

This procedure can help with the following hair problems:

  • Split ends;
  • Weakened hair with a tendency to fall;
  • Chemical or natural damage caused by paint, sunlight, and deterioration of hair with age;
  • Loss of color or volume;.

Applying the mixture before the hair extension will help lead the hair to a single desired style and contribute to a better bond of the tips.

Beauty Studio Ivanna Farysei offers quality services bookservice weakened or damaged hair for women of London. The application of botulinum processed in conjunction with a vitamin cocktail and restorative substances help to keep your hair beautiful and clean for years to come.

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