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It is difficult to imagine a more common and generally recognized attribute of female beauty than beautiful, healthy hair – at all times, women's curls were a sign of status and even a symbol of femininity. It is interesting that in many esoteric schools the length of hair is associated with the development of the feminine, the presence of mystical or magical abilities. Folk traditions of antiquity often depicted witches and sorceresses with incredibly long hair.

And even if you do not believe in magic, it is necessary to recognize that each girl can feel magic which is given to us by smart strands. Whether you prefer short haircuts or are a fan of length, choose a natural hair color or like to experiment – one thing remains unchanged: we all want our hair to be healthy and well-groomed.

How to achieve health and beauty of hair?

There are many ways to improve what nature has given us. There are several best recommendations, following which, you can greatly contribute to this process.

  • The most important thing you should do is to understand exactly what type of hair you are genetically predisposed to. Depending on the set of genes, hair can be hard or soft, thin or strong, hair can naturally curl or Vice versa – to be straight. This knowledge will help you choose the right course of care.
  • The following recommendation applies to hair care using cosmetic and hygiene techniques. It is important to observe the Golden mean – not to overdo it, but also not to forget about the care of your own beauty. For example, the simplest hygienic procedure – washing hair with shampoo or soap – is not recommended to do either too often or too rarely. Be guided by the principle of "do no harm" and observe moderation in any cosmetic endeavors. For example, using the technology of hair extension, keep a balance between the effectiveness and naturalness.
  • Keep track of what and in what quantities you consume – and this applies not only to food. All tissues and cells of the body, including hair, are highly susceptible to what substances the body receives inside. Lack of vitamins, wrong diet and Smoking are the main” internal " enemies of healthy curls.
  • In matters of health, all the systems of the body are interconnected, and problems in one area easily apply to all other parts. That is, if you want to preserve the health of your hair – you have to take care of the health of all other components of your body. Get enough sleep, avoid overloads, get enough fresh air and sunlight – the good condition of your body will always affect the quality of hair.

The main thing, remember – that seek advice from the pros will never be superfluous. Turning to the Studio of beauty Ivanna Farysei a resident of London can be confident that their concerns will be given due attention.

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