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Regardless of the technology of hair extensions, the stages remain the same. It starts with consultation. Together with the client, we discuss the final result, how he sees himself and also do the analysis of his native hair - it is necessary to make sure that the client's native hair is fully healthy and can withstand a certain load on the root.

The hair is then prepared for the process. Staining or keratin straightening if necessary, removing traces of fat on the hair with a special shampoo (4 hours after washing the head, hair is considered dirty to start the process of hair extensions).

Moving on to the choice of donor hair - choosing the appropriate structure, hair color, length and weight. Starting to hait extentions. Separate the apper part of the hair from ear to ear and fix it.

I hightlight a strand of client's hair, separating her with a special fixer from all the hair. I take a Slavic hair and a cut the strand which corresponds to the size of the client,s strand. I capsulate it with the help of Italian keratin hot on professional forceps.

Under the native strand of the hair client in the root zone I join the capsulated strand of hair, holding the forceps for 2 seconds at the anchorage point, the liquid keratin joins the strands, which allows me to make the capsule - that I do with my fingers, which allows me to control the size and feel the connection reliability.

In the and of work I do an adaptive haircut.

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