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In an effort to the beauty and splendor of the hair should not forget that the scalp care is one of the main guarantors of the formation of a healthy scalp. Hair begins to grow with the bulbs located in the subcutaneous layer of the head, and the skin condition in this region has a direct impact on the quality of your hair.

The main problems you may face can be divided into two conditional categories are troubles caused by external factors, and internal problems caused by a malfunction of the body or individual tissue groups.

The first group includes:

  • Damage to the skin by chemical agents: for example, the use of over-the-counter measures of poor-quality hair dye, chemical or acid burn;
  • Unsuccessful application of any other cosmetic procedure – for this reason, it is recommended to apply such procedures as hair extensions only with the help of a qualified specialist;
  • Overabundance of ultraviolet light-excessive exposure to the sun can be extremely harmful to certain skin types.

Another category is dysfunction caused by internal conditions:

  • Skin health problems caused by various diseases;
  • Genetic predisposition to certain features of the skin;
  • Lack or overabundance of certain substances (vitamins, minerals, acids or proteins) in the body, as well as hormonal imbalance;
  • skin problems can also cause psychological factors-stress, depression or acute experience of strong emotions can cause so-called psychosomatic skin disorders.

There are several main recommendations, following which, it is possible with a sufficient probability to avoid the above problems.

Tips for skin care.

№1. Implement the main principles of a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, intake of sufficient fluid, healthy sleep and timely rest will help your body to successfully maintain a healthy skin.

№2. Do not abuse cosmetic procedures, in particular – thermal styling, repainting and Curling. Also, pay attention to the choice of a beautician, you trust your head. London, like any capital, abounds with beauty salons, professional and not very much. Turning to the services of the salon Ivanna Farysei, you will receive a high quality service and, very importantly, individual approach to your cosmetic needs.

№3. Use the right skin care products. Shampoo with a soft and gentle action, the use of masks and lotions will help to minimize the load on the skin, which cause cosmetic procedures.

№4. If possible, avoid severe stress and negative emotions, and take the necessary measures if you are mentally exhausted – because often skin problems are caused by psychological factors.

By following these recommendations, you can get rid of many possible troubles and keep the scalp healthy for many years.

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