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Summer is a time of hot temperatures, the beach, the sea and the sun, and all this requires special hair care, taking into account all the features of the summer period. What seems to us a rest or entertainment, can seriously affect our appearance. For example, this applies to the main attribute of vacation time and vacation – sunlight. A beautiful natural tan would like to have almost any girl, but an overabundance of ultraviolet light can cause your hair considerable harm.

To have a good vacation and not to harm your own appearance, it will be enough to follow a few simple tips. A little preparation – and your curls will not threaten anything.

Hair protection in summer.

Before proceeding directly to the advice on the care of the hair, it will be important to state one recommendation regarding pre-admission cosmetic procedures. Before you decide on any experiment with appearance-for example, repainting, Curling or hair extension – check with your summer plans. Some procedures should be done before vacation, the other is generally postponed until the fall. Especially if you have plans for an active holiday or long trips.

The main danger to your beauty during the holidays are atmospheric influences such as high temperatures, an overabundance of sunlight or the action of salt water. Fortunately, the harmful effects of these phenomena can be minimized by following these recommendations.

  • An overabundance of ultraviolet light from the sun can lead to a lot of problems with the scalp and hair. Long stay under the summer sun can cause such defects as dryness and loss of hair color. To avoid this, it is recommended to reduce the time of sunbathing to several hours per day with a total duration of not more than a week. Summer hats will also help to protect your hair from the hot July sun – in addition to its aesthetic value, a fashionable hat or Panama will take most of the sunlight on itself, protecting your hair.
  • Sea water can be dangerous for sensitive hair due to the high concentration of salts and minerals. The easiest way out is to use a special swimming cap, which is used by swimmers.
  • If you are going to travel to exotic countries, be careful in experiments with exotic dishes or drinks. Unusual for your body products can have a negative impact on health, including-and the health of the hair.

During the holiday, it is recommended to use soft moisturizing shampoos, as well as special cosmetics to protect against sea salt and ultraviolet radiation. Such means include sprays, oils, and strengthening masks for hair. Turning to the beauty salon, Ivanna Farysei, a resident of London will be able to properly prepare for the summer season and to preserve the beauty and naturalness of his hair.

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