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The stages of evolution of the comb from A to Z.

It's so nice to get up in the morning, pull yourself up, go to the bath... and see yourself with your hair down, that's been begging to be combed. To look neat and stylish enough to use the well-known comb. Without it can not do any modern man and woman. And if you think about how all these combs, combs, brushes were invented?

  • Beautiful hair was valued at all times, so the beauty in Ancient Egypt, Rome, Kievan Rus wanted to be irresistible, as well as the fashionista of the 21st century. The most ancient comb, which was found by archaeologists, is a comb made of fish bone. The skeleton of the fish was used to untangle hair and basic care every day. Than not a modern prototype of a hairbrush for styling?
  • Beauties of ancient Greece and Rome in 5-7 centuries BC combed their long hair with wooden ridges. They were made by hand and polished with rock. Marble crests were also very popular. This material was associated with wealth and beauty, so this accessory showed the high status of the owner and his greatness.

Methods of hair care in different historical epochs.

Hair care techniques of the past, at its core, do not differ from modern practice. Already during the Roman Empire developed the so-called" house of beauty", which could come only athletes-gladiators to put in order braided hair. Combs had the form of long thin sticks, which smoothly untangled the thick hair. As for the Greek women and residents of Rome, they used hairpins to collect hair in one neat "bun". Hair was decorated with flowers, elegant combs, which served as an accessory.

The best, from the point of view of modernity, the rites of beauty were developed in the days of medieval Europe. By the way, it was then that noble husbands and ladies were interested in hair extension techniques. In addition to the magnificent wigs, the bourgeoisie experimented with the involvement of donor curls in their own, which indicated a high class and wealth of man.

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