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Why not choose regular hair shampoos.

After washing the head there is dryness, unpleasant itching, and after a week there is dandruff. Familiar? Absolutely everyone is faced with the incorrectly selected products to wash it. Regardless of whether you have long hair or quads-it is important to take a responsible approach to the choice of shampoo. After all, it is not surprising that the product for 30 UAH. causes a number of problems from which it is unpleasant to look in the mirror. It is important to say that not always expensive products are considered better than the budget.

Gorgeous hair will never look fresh if you constantly use shampoos from the Mac market. A lot of advertised funds - nothing like a PR move or"dummy". From such a "magic jar with particles of diamonds and pearls" there are unpleasant consequences that already require the intervention of a trichologist. Beautiful hair always shone with brilliance and was obedient should avoid funds with large chemical composition. Aggressive inorganic substances not only put an end to healthy hair, but also the health of the nominal, endocrine system as a whole. Petroleum products promise nothing but allergies and a sea of nervous disorders.

What substances should not be in the right shampoo.

Professional methods of hair care exclude products with this composition:

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate-an aggressive surfactant of synthetic origin. How many experiments can be seen on the Internet, when this sulfate removed the most serious pollution on the car. This is the cheapest component that almost all brands like to add. This substance has a huge damage to hair, skin, internal organs. It is he who is the cause of hormonal disorders.
  • Mineral oil. Modern shampoo production techniques include this moisturizing ingredient with the effect of smoothing unruly hair. But again — it's not coconut, almond natural oils, but a real "chemical threat". The second name is propylene glycol. The substance makes the hair porous and brittle.
  • Parabens-a preservative that increases the shelf life of the product. Quickly accumulate in the body and are harmful to the immune system.
  • It is also important to avoid fragrances, dyes that aggressively affect the respiratory system.

Proper shampoo does not contain all of the above components. Natural cleansing substances are extracted from soapy nuts, coconut, legumes. They can not give such a stunning effect as artificial analogues, but guarantee the health of the hair and the whole body.

Beauty Studio Ivanna Farysei in London offers you a modern way hair extensions natural donor material. You can also use the service of natural care products that will help you achieve the desired effect with maximum benefit.

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