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Healthy hair and its main features.

Everyone admires when he sees a girl with shining hair. When the hair looks natural — it shimmers with natural beauty, looks lively. Luxury effect can be achieved only with the help of high-quality coloring, which is not worth saving. This will not only achieve the desired shade, but also to maintain health, the quality of the hair.

The second feature is well-groomed tips. It is important to periodically cut off the cut ends, which are not subject to restoration. To prevent breakage, it is important to use oils with natural ingredients.

Smooth, manageable hair without the effect of hair spread. Obedient straight hair that just comb-the dream of every girl. Modern ladies often prefer hair extensions natural donor material. The procedure allows you to achieve the desired effect, save many years on the growth of their own hair and, of course, get a lot of nice compliments from others.

What to do to achieve perfect hair.

We offer you a universal instruction of hair care:

1. Pay attention to the condition of the tips. When you see a stylish girl with fashion accessories, but the tips are cut-I want to help her. This is not only untidy, but also speaks of insufficient hair care. It is important to always ensure that the hair cut is perfectly smooth.

2. Pamper yourself with a home SPA. Professional care in the salon is important to combine with home. The use of masks based on natural oils is a positive factor for the nutrition of the hair structure. Stop loss help teas natural herbs. To any means had time to soak, you should keep it for at least 5 minutes and then rinse.

3. Do you want to achieve a wow effect after the styling? Combine natural oils with sprays. With their help, it is possible to achieve the perfect Shine and enhance the effect of volume.

4. Keep hair fresh. It is important not to allow the hair to be greasy, but not to overdo it with frequent washing. The use of dry shampoo in the intervals of the main wash-a gentle way of care. It is recommended to use a natural wooden comb with rounded teeth for uniform distribution of the product.

Beauty Studio Ivanna Farysei in London is a specialists in the field of hair care professional means. We are also the leaders in the capital in hair extension with natural donor material of high quality. We guarantee an individual approach and reasonable prices!

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