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Who among the famous beauties has a built-up hair.

Show business-a sphere where it is important to always be on top and not to lose popularity. To attract the attention of fans, look on the red carpet like a real Queen, you should pay attention to your hair. Smart, enterprising Actresses, singers, presenters have long appreciated the effectiveness of hair extensions natural donor material. These are not well-known wigs from the underground passage, made of artificial MOP. Not at all! A chic lady with lush hair will not save on her status. But we hasten to reassure all the girls - the cost of professional and quality hair extensions in London is not space! Such a procedure will be able to afford each girl. You choose the volume, length, type of material that suits you best.

Star of the first magnitude admitted that does hair extensions:

  • Shakira - Latin American beauty is able to impress not only with her fabulous voice, but also with a real "lion's mane". The star has always pleased us with a luxurious blonde hair color-all thanks to the high quality build-up.
  • Paris Hilton-the granddaughter of the famous Hilton hotel owner is an icon of style, glamour and luxury. The blonde does not hide her love for such procedures and even encourages her among those who want to remain stylish.
  • Nicki Minaj — who among us does not know this Queen turnip and a real beauty with curvaceous? Remember her unusually long black hair down to the floor? It is not Rapunzel, and, therefore, there was not without building. Agree, looks wonderfully?
  • Ani Lorak — we could not forget our wonderful Ukrainian, who likes to experiment with changing appearance. Carolina never appears in public with unruly, unworn hair. This effect is usually given precisely the built-up hair.
  • Pamela Anderson is one of us loved to watch "Baywatch"? The beauty of her hair was admired by every fan of American TV series. Hairstyle unusually shimmers in the light, looks perfectly smooth, smooth-a real dream!
  • Jennifer Lopez - this girl in a million knows a lot about creating a stunning image. She's never been seen with short hair. Once in the interview, the singer said he was visiting a hairdresser, which makes her building.

Beauty Studio Ivanna Farysei invites all visitors and residents of the capital to use a professional hair extension service. The master uses natural donor material of the highest quality. Entrust your beauty to the hands of an expert and become a real Hollywood star without investing millions of dollars!

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