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What is the age-related hair change.

At an older age, a woman may notice how once strong, thick hair begins to be depleted and subjected to loss. Thin, weak hair is the problem of many older women. But modern methods of struggle with aging have affected the sphere of hair care. The weakening of the hair fiber is associated with the destruction of the cuticle. They have the appearance of an outer shell with notches, which eventually collapse. This allows the negative substances of shampoo, ultraviolet, hard water to influence the core of the hair. Thus, there is a risk of their loss or weakening.

Also, the weakening of the hair follicles is affected by the period of menopause. Reducing estrogen production is a threat to slow hair growth and hair loss.

What to do to keep your hair healthy.

We offer you a number of tips that have helped thousands of women to achieve "harmony" with their hair:

  • It is important to protect the hair from aggressive exposure to direct sunlight. Walking, rest on the sea, nature should not do without a hat. Air conditioners with SPF serve as a protective shell against the negative influence of temperature. It is also recommended to apply this product before using a hair dryer and Ironing.
  • Less nervous. Gray hair and loose hair can occur not in 50-60 years, and 30! It is important to devote time to positive things, otherwise not yet a Mature girl risks to get into the group of half-bald women!
  • Abandon bad habits, eat well and drink enough liquid. These Golden rules of a healthy lifestyle also apply to the condition of the hair. If you take care of the body, then a great chance to keep strong, shiny hair!
  • Use professional care products. The combination of therapeutic shampoos with masks, conditioners, oils for tips will allow to achieve wow-effect at a fairly honorable age.
  • Escalating. The most win-win way that is popular among adult ladies. When it is not possible to restore their native hair, it took a lot of money, time, nerves — should contact a professional.

Beauty Studio Ivanna Farysei in London offers comfortable conditions hair extension natural donor material. High-quality Slavic hair is considered to be in demand among our clients. They are extremely beautiful: shimmer in the light, soft, silky, obedient and strong. The professionalism of our center allows us to achieve a stunning result in the creation of the Royal hair. We will give you the opportunity to enjoy long hair, regardless of age!

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