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How to wash your hair

Methods of washing the head and their features.

The skin and hair of the head need constant care, as every day the body allocates a sufficient amount of sebum. In addition, additionally clog pores, weigh down the hair all sorts of styling products. A few days later, the curls become tired, dull, unpleasant to the touch and it's time to refresh them.

Blog Ivanna Farysei London offers you a one-stop manual right shampooing:

  • Moisten hair with water.
  • Apply shampoo to the palm, RUB it until foam appears.
  • Then apply the product to the scalp. Many mistakenly applied to the hair. After application, the foam is gradually transferred to the hair and begin cleaning them.
  • Use your fingertips to massage the entire area of the head without tangling your hair.

Beautiful, healthy hair-the key to proper washing, especially when there is rapid contamination for biological reasons. Experts recommend taking a contrast shower to activate blood circulation. Initially, you need to wet your hair with heat water, and rinse the tool cool. This practice is especially useful for hair prone to loss. A cold shower strengthens the follicles, closes the scales of the hair, which contributes to their strengthening.

Washing techniques for different hair types.

If you do not have the opportunity to wash your hair during the day, and in the evening it is important to look well — groomed-it is possible to use dry shampoo. It is a powder that absorbs grease and dirt, makes your hair fresh and neat. Long hair requires a generous application of cosmetics. Often it is because of the economy of shampoo, hair conditioner does not receive sufficient care and after just one day again becomes greasy and confusing. Dry and weakened hair is recommended to additionally moisturize with special sprays and masks.

We present you the best advice according to trichologists:

1. Before you wash your hair is recommended to comb them well.

2. Do not allow too hot water. The optimum temperature is 40 degrees.

3. Each hair type has a corresponding shampoo. If you notice that after a year of active use the product has ceased to give the expected effect. To change to the alternative — the hair and the scalp have the effect of habituation.

4. You need to gradually apply shampoo to the scalp. Do not immediately squeeze a large portion of cosmetics. If necessary, add the product, otherwise it will be difficult to wash the hair to the desired condition.

5. Rinse your hair until it creaks slightly with cold water.

6. Once the "bath" procedure is finished-use a bath towel to wrap the hair and dry it.

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