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Foto Kanekalon, the fashion for brightness

Hair extension using kanekalon-what is the result.

Kanekalon-strands of artificial material that are woven into the hair. This material is available in all shades, so it has gained popularity among teenagers, young girls and those who want to be on the wave of popularity. Thanks to kanekalon possible to create additional volume of your own hair, creating a lush braids. Kanekalon most similar to natural hair, thanks to the oranic composition of algae. For the first time such a discovery was made in Japan and since then the fashion for color weaving has not lost popularity.

With the help of kanekalon it is possible to create beautiful hair that will not get confused, always remain obedient and do not require special care. It is important that this material is free to withstand heat treatment, so you can easily do the styling, corrugation. A great abundance of colors allows you to find an individual solution to your own style, including many natural shades.

For what are used color needed:

  • Kanekalon used to create various hairstyles. a method of weaving. Braids, dreadlocks, French and Afro braids-today all these trends are at the peak of the trend, so you should definitely experience such an innovation.
  • Hair extensions with lots of kanekalon strands guarantee you a lush effect and a flawless result. Pay attention to the so-called Boxing pigtails, which are characterized by tight weave. They last a long time, look really young.

Kanekalon hair extension techniques.

Let's analyze the most popular weaving — braids (Boxing braids). This scheme also works to weave a normal braid.

1. Depending on the future number of braids divide the hair into sections.

2. If your hair is unruly and defies braiding, apply a thin layer of paste or matte clay.

3. On one of the strands attached kanekalon and tied to a knot. Or it is possible to fix it with a hairpin, and perform weaving without the use of colored strands at your discretion.

4. Now running the tight weave braids using kanekalon. Once the braiding is done, it is necessary to fix the end of the hair with an invisible elastic band and then fix the result with a lacquer-fixator.

5. Hairstyle will delight you with a perfect appearance for about 4 days. It is important that you can use the kanekalon again, as it does not lose its original function and is subject to re-weaving.

Now you know how to create long and curvy hair. It's very simple-try weaving kanekalon, which will give you a lot of aesthetic pleasure and emotion.

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