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Foto Hair and honey-nutrition and recovery

Beautiful hair with natural honey - the main secrets.

Honey is widely used for cosmetic purposes as a restorative and restorative. This product combines all the most valuable to maintain the scalp and hair in a natural healthy state. Cosmetologists have proved that honey can be safely used at home as a preventive measure against hair loss, preserving their integrity, getting rid of dryness. No wonder many girls note that regular application of masks made of honey guarantees chic, soft, shiny hair.

The most popular recipes for hair masks is "chamomile + honey"and" onion+ honey". Such classic folk recipes are always at hand at home and will preserve the beauty of your hair without the use of expensive drugs.

This requires:

  • Grind and dry chamomile or buy the finished product in the herbal library. Then add honey (best may) and distribute over the entire area of hair. After 30 minutes, rinse your hair with warm water, comb it and let it dry.The result will please you for the first time.
  • Hair treatments also include a combination of honey and onions. A strong smell can be removed with the addition of essential oils. The mask should be applied directly to the root of the head and hold for about 15-30 minutes.

The technique of creating versatile hair masks their honey.

We present to your attention the best recipes to preserve the health of hair:

  • Eggs, like honey, contain a large amount of nutrients and valuable substances. No wonder that the egg extract is contained in many cosmetic products to strengthen the hair. Mask from eggs and honey — guarantee of from destruction, dryness and loss hair. Nutritionally microfractures of the hair is smoothed and hair becomes soft and silky. This method is most relevant if after washing your head you use hair dryers, irons, which adversely affect the condition of the hair.
  • Want to have healthy and long hair? Prepare a mixture of burdock oil and honey. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and RUB into the scalp. The waiting time for the reaction is 30 minutes. This method activates hair growth, improves blood circulation and eliminates dandruff.
  • Another universal method of preserving the quality of hair is mustard + honey. This powerful remedy for loss is still considered an excellent prevention of excessive fat, split ends and dandruff. In addition, add sugar and some water to the mixture to reduce the aggressive effect of mustard on the scalp.

Note that honey is perfectly combined with many essential oils and enhances their healing effect. This method is the most relevant after a session of hair extensions to maintain the hair in its natural state and stimulate the growth of their own hair. Natural locks extensions also require extra care, so the honey will become a universal and, most importantly, economical solution. Take the time to condition your hair with honey masks and you will be satisfied with the result.

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