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Foto Hair care after childbirth

Hair care after childbirth: the main rules and recommendations.

For many women, childbirth is not only happiness to become a mother, but also unpleasant consequences, because during this period there are problems with hair. Once soft, strong hair becomes brittle, hard, stop shining and begin to fall out. This is due to the loss of strength of the body and the decline of estrogen levels, which even before birth was at its peak. But do not despair, because the right hair care in this period will not face such a problem.

When breastfeeding, the woman's body gives the lion's share of useful vitamins and minerals to the child, so it is important to take care of taking special vitamins to compensate for losses. This directly affects the condition of the hair, as the lack of specific substances carries the risk of total loss.

Specialists recommend to follow these recommendations to maintain the hair in normal condition:

  • Take vitamins and Supplement them with a proper and balanced diet.
  • Try to experience less stress, depression, try to spend time sleeping for more than 8 hours (despite the fact that a long sleep during this period is a luxury for many mothers).
  • The cause of the deterioration of the hair is also caesarean, so do not aggravate the problem of drying with a Hairdryer, coloring, lamination and other chemical and thermal agents. Be sure to wear a hat during the strong sun and cold.

What to do to maintain hair in a healthy state after childbirth.

Pay attention to the selection of combs. Pick up a soft comb made of wood without sharp tips, as in the metal version. Be sure to massage the scalp, which improves blood circulation and stimulates the growth of new hair. Many women do not pay attention to the shampoo that they wash their hair. Eliminate the use of shampoo with Lauryl Sulfate, which totally destroys the hair and makes it weak.

Use a variety of masks and conditioners that nourish the hair and make it soft, manageable after using shampoo. Especially popular keratin treatment, which can significantly improve the condition of the hair.

Hair extensions-a truly universal method against dryness, loss, which lasts at the time of feeding the child. The wizard will help you to choose the desired length, structure and color of the hair, which will be perfectly combined with your natural. This method allows you to strengthen the effect of prevention of loss and serve as a safety net for a woman who wants to always be beautiful and natural.

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