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Common mistake

How to wash and dry your hair.

Hair washing is performed no more than 3 times a week, depending on the contamination of the root system. Be sure to pick up care products for the scalp and hair that are suitable for you individually. If you use styling products (mousse, gels, wax, etc.), then use strong shampoos and do not allow cosmetic products to accumulate on the surface of the hair and skin, otherwise it tends to accumulate.

Forget about fast drying hair dryer immediately after washing. It is best to give your hair time to dry and then use a hair dryer. At the same time, the air temperature should not be too high. Laying is best done with cold air. Under no circumstances should you direct the hair dryer directly to the roots. The air should be directed at an angle. This is how the effect will be less aggressive. Many neglect the means of thermal protection for hair.

Remember: it is forbidden to immediately wipe your hair with a towel after washing. Give them time to dry naturally, otherwise you will damage the structure of the hair.

How to comb and style your hair.

  • Combing is prohibited on wet hair. Because of this habit, the structure of the hair suffers, it becomes brittle and disobedient.
  • If the hair has become tangled, it is not recommended to comb them from the root to the tips. Untangling and combing begins from the bottom towards the top. Best suited combs with short tips of plastic, which are now at the peak of popularity.

Let's move on to hair and styling:

  • Wet the hair and straightening irons are incompatible concepts. This is a direct road to the burned curls and tips, which then have to cut off and say goodbye to the length of the hairstyle.
  • Like tight pigtails? If you want to see healthy and beautiful hair-this should not be done. A tight ponytail, braid violate the blood circulation in the head, causing not only headaches, but also the loss of roots. Resort to such practices less and less time using elastic bands made of silicone.

Top tips on what NOT to do when caring for hair:

1. Hair should be washed as soon as they become dirty. It is important not to overdo it with the frequency of washing, and not to load the root and hair with a greasy flat layer, cosmetics. Everyone has this individual time period.

2. Do not apply the product (shampoo, conditioner, balm) to dry hair. Wet them, wait a couple of minutes and then continue the procedure.

3. Hair masks are not applied to wet hair, which oozes water, and wet (barely dried). A layer of water will not allow active substances to penetrate the structure of the hair and the effect will be much worse.

4. Most balms, masks, conditioners are applied to the hair, and not on the kazhu head, if it is not specified in the manufacturer's instructions.

Such errors are most often performed by girls with their own hair, and making hair extensions in the salon. In both cases, the hair requires careful and careful care. Using these tips you are guaranteed to keep a beautiful hair, forget about the loss and fragility of hair and, at least, will be able to give recommendations to all her friends.

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