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Why you should wash your hairbrush regularly-reasons and rules

Washing the comb and the reasons for this procedure.

Take a break from reading the article, please bring a comb, comb, which you use most often. Now, evaluate its appearance and neatness. We congratulate those who have a comb are always in a clean condition, without accumulated hair and other contaminants. Many neglect the issue of hygiene combs. The maximum that the user can do is to collect the fallen hair and put the tool back in place. But this is not enough, because the combs-it is the same as a toothbrush, which dentists recommend to change every three months.

As for the comb, according to hairdressers and trichologists (specialists in the field of hair) — its replacement is necessary after a year of active use. In addition to the fact that the design loses its former beauty, and bristles wring, mash. The greatest danger in terms of hygiene, health of the scalp and hair are dead skin particles after combing. Skin fat, dust, styling materials, sometimes even dandruff-this combination does not Bode well for healthy hair, so you should take care of regular cleaning combs.

How to clean a comb.

The basis of the bases is the release of the teeth and the bottom of the comb from fallen and tangled hair. First of all, it is aesthetically pleasing, because you do not have to see such horror every time. If a person suffers from dandruff, then it is mandatory to clean the comb with soap and water after each combing. It is necessary that the person is not re-infected with an unpleasant disease and did not transfer it to another user. Universal tip-have a personal comb that only you use.

Complete disinfection of the comb is as follows:

1. Tangled hair neatly cut with scissors, so you can easily remove them.

2. Then washing is performed. To do this, use warm water with soapy water.Dip the instrument in water for 10 minutes and allow to remove bacteria.

3. After washing, the brush is washed with running water, wiped with a towel and left to dry.

4. Also, a universal option for cleaning combs made of plastic, metal is soda. The tool is wetted in water, then sprinkle with baking soda and leave for 10 minutes.

Comb made of wood, on the contrary, is not washed under running water, and wiped with a cotton pad with alcohol. Cleans the handle and the teeth themselves. The tree under the influence of water will begin to crack and deform. Metal combs are covered with stainless steel coating, so you can easily wash and wipe with alcohol, chlorhexidine. Drying is performed with a Hairdryer.

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