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Megan Markle's wedding hairstyle

Hair extensions-a procedure with which you can make any hairstyle for your wedding day. When the triumph on the nose, and the desired length or volume, this method saves the best. Modern techniques allow the procedure to be performed safely even on thin hairs.

Elegant hairstyle for the wedding.

Wedding hairstyle Megan Markle became the embodiment of tenderness and elegance, rigor and simplicity. This option will definitely appeal to girls who prefer the classics. In the Royal family, a lot of inappropriate decor, just one small decoration. Gentle image of Megan-inspiration for thousands of brides, it is both stylish and very sophisticated.

The basis of this hairstyle – long hair. Despite the overall external simplicity, the image looks elegant. Curls neatly collected and decorated with precious tiara, inherited from Queen Mary. The jewel was made in the first half of the twentieth century, but its beauty is still not lost. The crown of the diadem was a diamond brooch-a unique jewel.

The hairstyle itself is available to every girl, beautiful strands will accentuate your facial features.

1. The image of the bride is an elegant knot on the back of the head. The highlight-shiny smooth hair, so beautifully playing in the sun.

2. In order for the curls to look as refined, they need to be carefully straightened and fixed with special sprays.

3. The highlight of the wedding image of the bride Prince-an elegant veil. Its length was about 5 meters and was decorated with flags of the Commonwealth.

If you have short, voluminous hair, but Megan Markle hair has become the object of dreams, then there is a way. You can carry out the procedure of building to get closer to the gentle Royal style.

Naturalness and beauty on the wedding day.

The bride is associated with tenderness, naivety, kindness and inner light. Emphasize its grace in one of the most best days can be beautiful hairstyle. Repeat the image of the Duchess of Sussex-a great option for the celebration. Will help you in this case, Ivanna Farysei – a professional stylist.

To get the desired result, you need to carry out the procedure of building.

  • Among the many techniques master selects the one that will fit your hair type.
  • The best method is the Italian extension. Miniature capsules are formed from organic keratin and attached to your native hairs.
  • Technique looks very natural: no one will know about your tricks. Capsules are invisible and almost imperceptible. Hairstyle goes above all praise, a truly Royal manner.

In London will help you to transform the master Ivanna Farysei-years of experience will allow you to get the hair of a dream. Repeat the style of Megan Markle is not difficult: quite carefully and smoothly collect shiny well-groomed curls. The best decoration will be properly chosen veil: it will emphasize your tenderness and elegance.

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