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Elyuminirovanie hair

The choice of technology hair extensions-this is the first step to a beautiful well-groomed curls. But in order to diversify its image, many masters suggest to try elyuminirovanie. This is a new procedure that can completely transform your image. Its main advantage is the complex care of hairs: it helps to restore and seal the structure.

What is elumination.

At the end of the twentieth century, the German company Goldwell produces a truly innovative tool – resistant paint for painting "Elumen". It is from the name of the means occurred and the name of the procedure. Professional stylists to perform elyuminirovanie work exclusively with this paint, any other is not suitable.

The whole essence of coloring is fundamentally different from the well-known toning. If the classic color pigment penetrates the hair due to chemical reactions, the Elumen works somewhat differently. It is based on the law of physics.

During staining, an acidic medium is created in which negatively charged particles are attracted to the positive ones. Because of such properties of the pigment penetrates deeply inside the hair and rinse it stains.

Special ion film allows not only to smooth the hairs, but also to protect them from the environment. In addition to the beautiful rich color, you get more and complete care. A great alternative to the usual colors!

Pros and cons of elumination.

Hair extensions can be turned into a complete change of your image. In addition to the length and volume, you can add more and the desired shade. The procedure of elumination is the best suited for those who would like to give their curls a luxurious look.

Among the advantages of the procedure can be distinguished.

1. Beautiful rich lasts a very long time, which can not be said about the paints with ammonia in the composition.

2. The product carefully paints the strands: it does not include ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, as in most cheap products.

3. The effect is cumulative: this means that beautiful hair with each application of a special paint will become even better.

4. The result is something similar to lamination: after coloring the curls are straight and well-groomed, well amenable to laying, do not pushatsya.

5. A wide range of shades: from classic natural to bright and catchy.

In London, the lamination is carried out by a professional master Ivanna Farysei. But there are procedures and disadvantages.

1. If your hair is not only long, but also thick in structure, then you are an innovative coloring is not suitable.

2. In order to preserve the effect and shade for a long time, you need to use special shampoos and rinses for washing.

3. When the roots grow, they can be easily painted over with ordinary paint. But when elyuminirovanie will have to re-dye hair from roots to ends.

4. To carry out staining yourself will not work-be sure to contact the master, who has special skills.

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