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Foto procedure hair shielding

If you want to restore the curls after hair extensions, coloring or any other experiments, the shielding is suitable as well as possible. Treatment with cumulative effect up to the task, will return to the strands shiny and healthy, smooth and nourish them.

What is the shielding of the hair.

Beautiful hair is the dream of many girls. But, if the nature of such wealth is not got, you can always ask for help from a professional. The screening procedure will transform even the most damaged strands, give them a healthy Shine and silkiness.

In order to achieve the necessary results, it is necessary to process the curls alternately with several compositions.

1. The first stage is aimed at the disclosure of keratin scales in the structure of the hairs-so it will be easier to moisturize and restore them at a deep level.

2. As part of the means for the second step – vitamins, nutrients, valuable oils, acids and other substances responsible for the health and beauty of the hair.

3. The last stage involves the application of a special composition to create a protective film. Its main function is to prevent the harmful effects of hard water, scorching sun, bad ecology.

The effect builds up after the procedure repetitions. The stylist chooses the application technique according to the client's hair condition: so, if the situation is close to critical, you need to visit the salon about 10 times. The next course is held in six months-10 months.

Long hair, crippled irons, hair dryers, poor-quality paint will come to life a week after the first procedure. There is no ammonia in the composition, which allows screening at any state of health, even pregnant women can apply to the master.

Advantages and disadvantages of shielding.

Shielding today is one of the best procedures aimed at comprehensive hair restoration. The curls are gorgeous: shiny, healthy, strong! You can achieve a lot of effects:

  • strands will flow, will look beautiful in any styling;
  • significantly increase the volume-up to 10%, which is very good for fine hairs;
  • remove unsightly yellowing after a bad lightening;
  • eliminates frizz, the ends look well groomed and moisturized.

Since shielding has a cumulative effect, the results will be even better after several procedures.

But there are several disadvantages to this method:

  • if the hair falls out much, it is better to abandon such a recovery;
  • before going to the master must necessarily cure the scalp;
  • owners of oily skin will face the fact that the roots will become contaminated even faster;
  • the effect after the first procedure pleases only one to three weeks.

In London, the hair screening procedure is carried out by Ivanna Farysei-an experienced master with the best means to care for your curls. Treat yourself to real luxury!

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