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Hair care-not the easiest thing in the life of every girl. In order to make the curls every day look like the cover of a glossy magazine, they need to provide the necessary procedures every day. For the procedure of hair extensions you need to select only high-quality donor strands.

Why not save on hair for hair extensions.

Hair extensions-a procedure that helps to significantly increase not only the length of the curls, but also the volume. In order to look as natural and elegant, you need to pay attention only to high-quality donor strands.

The cheapest on the market are Asian hair, which many professional masters refuse to work with. This is due only to the desire to help clients – after a few weeks the hair will look untidy. It is after an unsuccessful build-up with Chinese curls then lost the desire to carry out the procedure.

Chinese hair is hard, the scales in them are not ordered as needed. They are treated with a special solution to give Shine, which is washed off after a few weeks.

There are several significant drawbacks.

1. Chinese hair strands are very tangled, comb them – a problem not of the easiest.

2. Even if you get a bundle with a good length, you will not have to rely on it. In order for the hairstyle to look neat, the master will have to cut about 5 cm.

3. The tips of the Asian strands are not the thickest, which looks ugly.

4. Cheap hair is also tricky. Despite the apparent savings, over time will have to spend even more on care products.

5. Asian curls are designed for only a few months of wear, for long terms it is better to pay attention to better options.

As you can see, cheap hair extensions – it is very questionable savings. In addition to the fact that you have to spend a lot of money to buy care products, you still have to endure discomfort. In order not only to save money and nerves, it is better to buy a slice of Slavic hair, let it be shorter.

Quality hair extensions.

Quality hair extensions-is the key to a good hairstyle and the most natural appearance. Buy in London Slavic hair could have Ivanna the Farysei – the wizard will take you forward professionally. Such strands will only please you:

  • they are soft and silky, so that they look harmoniously with the native hair of clients;
  • have a good thickness that will help to disguise thin nature of the hairs;
  • withstand several corrections, which is very convenient and practical;
  • do not require special care products - quite familiar to you;
  • can be painted and laid without losing their natural beauty.

Choose only the best for your curls! Do not deny yourself the naturalness and beauty that you deserve.

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