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Hair extensions-a procedure that saves a lot of girls who dream of gorgeous curls. Thanks to this simple method, it is possible to increase the density, get the length, make the hair silky and flowing. But expectant mothers have doubts: how safe the procedure is for the child, whether it will affect the immune system.

Hair care: myths and reality.

Pregnancy is a period that, although it becomes absolute happiness, is still overshadowed by a number of restrictions. In addition to diet and the exclusion of a number of products from the diet, expectant mothers are faced with a number of superstitions, to believe in that or not – it's individual.

1. Many girls in the position of scare that during pregnancy in any case can not cut hair-it is believed that this is a very bad omen. Afford the luxury of not getting a haircut long 9 months can only mythical beauty with beautiful curls. But the choice between neat hair and strange superstitions have to do the rest.

2. The painting is dangerous. This point of view is also developed by doctors, since ammonia, which is part of the paints, can really affect the immune system of the baby. Therefore, this procedure is much more complicated.

3. Hair extension. As a salon care is new superstitions for he had not yet been invented.

Any cosmetic procedures in an interesting position is an individual choice of each woman. To be frightened of superstitions or safely to play with the appearance – to solve only to you. Your baby will be happy and healthy when his mother is happy with herself and feels great.

Hair extensions: pros and cons.

Hair extensions during pregnancy is complicated not only by various superstitions that inspire girls. There is also a medical aspect.

1. During pregnancy, the hormonal background changes. It also affects the condition of the hair: they can become thin, rare and brittle. With such native strands not only hard to work, but also undesirable in General – you can only aggravate the situation.

2. If the scalp has become too sensitive, it is better to postpone the procedure. Overload in this case, the already exhausted curls is not necessary.

3. In some cases, hair loss may increase during pregnancy. Excess load on the weak roots in any case can not be allowed, as the condition of the native hair will only worsen.

4. Duration of the procedure. This factor, though not completely negative, but still on the comfort of a woman in a position can affect.

But there is a build-up and one significant plus. What could be better and more expensive than a happy smile of a woman whose dream came true? Therefore, if you are ready to go beyond prejudice and increase the hair of your dreams, you will certainly refer to Ivanna Farysei that master from London will realize your desire and turn you into the most beautiful young mother. Love yourself especially in your interesting position!

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