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Care of the scalp and curls is required even with the most gentle technique of hair extension and selection of the best tools. Today, many women are afraid of cosmetics with parabens in the composition-they are afraid that they will harm not only the strands, but also health in General.

Should we be so afraid of the notorious "chemistry"? Let's figure it out together!

Parabens and beautiful hair: is it possible?

Our curls require constant care: both after hair extension, and in any other period. Our first assistant in this – shampoo. Their composition includes many mysterious words, including silicones and parabens. The last two components-a taboo for all those who appreciate naturalness.

In fact, parabens are special chemical compounds that act as preservatives. They suspend the process of reproduction of bacteria, significantly increasing the shelf life. Responsible manufacturers add a minimum of substances, so as not to harm human health.

A small percentage of parabens in cosmetic products is easily removed from the body, leaving even the slightest trace. They do not cause allergic reactions, which is often the case when adding oils or amino acids to extend the shelf life.

But it was in the history until two cases where parabens harm to human health.

1. 1998. Robb Rutledge is testing on rats and reveals the dependence of the estrogen from the number of parabens. An overabundance of female hormone leads to the development of breast cancer.

2. 2004. A well-known biologist Philip Darbre studies cases of breast cancer and reveals the presence of parabens in samples of tumors.

However, in both cases, there is no evidence of where the parabens came from – from cosmetics or food? The second way of consumption is much more dangerous, as the body gets too many substances.

Scientists have recognized that the safe concentration of preservatives in cosmetics is 0.4%. Since the exact effect of parabens has not yet been studied, master Ivanna Farysei strongly recommends that its customers minimize the use of shampoos with harmful composition.

Parabens and the health of your hair.

Beautiful and long hair-the dream of every girl. But will inorganic means help to achieve the desired result?

1. From shampoos with parabens should refuse all allergies-there may be quite serious consequences.

2. Owners of sensitive scalp should also pay attention to organic matter, so as not to cause itching and redness.

3. People with hair loss problems. The bulbs will get even weaker, the problem will only get worse.

4. Can wash off the protective fatty layer, causing the hairs to become dry, brittle, thin.

5. Dandruff appears as such cosmetic much dry scalp.

Pick up an individual complex for the care of curls in London will help a qualified master. Address to Ivanna Farysei, give yourself luxury!

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