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Negligence in the hair

Implement the most daring hairstyles allows hair extensions: you can get the desired length and volume. Today, the masters use the safest techniques to the result you get beautiful and healthy curls.

Long hair and casual hairstyles.

Long hair is a chic space for action. You can create any hairstyle in its complexity, they will look luxurious. But not all nature has awarded such wealth, however, to rectify the situation is always possible.

Ivanna Farysei offers its clients the best technology hairextensions. The most gentle – Italian.

1. Miniature in size the capsules are visible in the hairs, making hair look natural.

2. In his work, the master uses organic keratin: it does not cause allergic reactions and does not destroy the structure of the hairs.

3. The main thing in the procedure-an individual approach. For each client, the stylist selects the temperature modes, so as not to harm the scalp.

There are several ways to increase, but their effect will not be so long and natural. Even careless hairstyles require maximum naturalness, so your trick no one should find.

Best careless hairstyles.

You can look gorgeous not only with perfect curls. Designers at their fashion shows often use it careless strands: they frame the face and look very stylish. Boring smoothness has long been a thing of the past: no longer need to torture strands irons, hair dryers and special tools for alignment.

Characterize such images can be just one word-minimalism. To work with hairstyles need only clean hair and a minimum of styling products. Everything else is decided by your imagination.

1. Volumetric clean strands.

There is nothing easier: just wash your hair and let it dry naturally. Natural volume allows you to create any necessary careless images: collect in the tail, dissolve, create the effect of stray strands.

If necessary, in such a technique, you can also use mousse for volume: with it, the curls will look even better.

2. Play on contrasts.

If you are going to wear a formal suit or evening dress, the light negligence in the hair will create a very stylish and bright image. giving up the boring smoothness and rigor will only benefit, you will be the center of attention.

3. Bundles.

Many girls unfairly underestimate the bundles-this hairstyle can be made boring and bright, if you add it a little untidiness. Do not be afraid of stray strands, let them frame your face and give a twist.

4. Loose hair.

The easiest and best way to create a casual hairstyle are the usual loose hair. Do not torture them with irons and hair dryers, just wash and let dry naturally.

Master Ivanna Farysei will help you to choose the best images in London. Be different, bold, bright!

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