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Micellar water

Every woman knows that hair care is a mandatory part of life. About micellar water everyone knows as a tool designed to cleanse the face: removing makeup, matting, removing dirt. But not all girls know about the new word in the world of cosmetologists – about micellar shampoo.

Micellar water for hair care.

The action of micellar water is so effective due to the fact that it consists of micelles. These are special small molecules that attract dirt and eliminate it. The same applies to the skin fat: it is securely absorbed. The skin looks fresh, purified, healthy.

After hair extensions curls should give quality care. And the roots and tips should be in excellent condition. Will help you in this case a well-chosen shampoo that will take care of every hair.

The main advantage of shampoos with micelles is a unique opportunity to clean curls. These tools are suitable for high-quality hair extensions: they will remain in good condition, retain their Shine and smoothness.

Among the other advantages of micellar shampoo can be distinguished.

1. He doesn't dry his hair. This is a very important factor-curls remain soft, smooth, moist.

2. Thorough cleansing. This property will become especially actual for girls at whom roots very quickly become polluted, and the ends remain dry.

3. The effect is achieved from the first time: for complete washing of strands, only one application of the product is enough.

4. Thoroughly cleaned not only strands, but also the scalp as a whole. This is necessary for the most complete purification.

5. Increases the effectiveness of balms and masks, as nothing prevents absorb nutrients.

6. The work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the roots stay fresh longer.

But pay attention to the fact that micellar shampoos are not suitable for daily or too frequent use. They can be addictive and lead to unpleasant consequences.

Disadvantages of micellar shampoos.

Advice on the selection of suitable care products you can get from an experienced master Ivanna Farysei. If you are interested in micellar means, you should get acquainted with their shortcomings.

1. Too" aggressive " cleansing to squeak. Micelles destroy sebum, which is necessary to protect the scalp from external factors. On too dry the skin by arises irritation and peeling.

2. Be sure to use air conditioning or balm. After washing with micellar means hairs can become rigid and too hard to comb.

3. Shampoo foams badly. This property significantly increases the consumption of cosmetic products.

4. The price may be too high.

In London to obtain professional advice about the appropriate means for care of hair, you can speak Pharisee. Master responsibly suited to your curls, selects only the best cosmetics for you. Be the most beautiful!

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