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Fashion hairstyles

Hairstyles of "zero" usually requires long hair, what helps hair extension - each girl will get strands of your dreams. Many people remember that period as an era of strange trends. It was possible to combine incongruous, and at the same time to remain an icon of style.

Remember, for example, flashy images of Paris Hilton. Her ash blonde in combination with a swarthy skin tone at the beginning of the two thousandth was copied by many women, but after a few years this appearance was considered comical.

How to make your image unique.

In order to experiment with their appearance, it is best to have long and beautiful curls. But not all girls are blessed with such wealth. In this case, you can always do hair extensions – the procedure is absolutely safe for your hair.

Master Ivanna Farysei mainly works on Italian technology – it is best proven.

1. Capsules are obtained minimum in size and weight, so they are not just well attached, but do not weigh down the roots.

2. Organic keratin is used to form granules, which is absolutely safe for the structure of the hair as a whole.

3. Capsules can be performed in such a way that they are not just miniature, but also merged with a touch of curls.

4. Each master selects an individual approach to its customers: pays attention to the type and condition of the strands, adjusts the optimum temperature of the tongs, in any case not to harm.

Italian extension allows you to keep secret your trick: sometimes with the naked eye, it is even difficult to distinguish your curls from the extended.

The main trends of "zero».

Hairstyles from "zero" become trends the last few years. Such courage distinguishes a woman from the rest, shows that it has the necessary zest.

1. Straight long hair.

In the early 2000s, healthy long hair was very popular-the longer the better. They could be laid, and it was possible to pull the iron, so they were absolutely smooth and shiny.

2. Velvet elastic band.

In an era when fashionistas chose the popular elastic bands from Invisibobble or their analogues, everyone forgot about the other models. Many forgotten, that" telephone wires " preceded larger velvety gum, whom zakalyvali mostly high tails.

3. Ash blonde.

Fans of glamour can again pay attention to the ashy hair color, neon lipstick and dark skin tones. This style is back in fashion.

4. Shiny curls.

In order for the hair to Shine and shimmer in the light, fashionistas resorted to a variety of tricks. As a rule, it was a varnish with glitter, gels for styling or just oil with special properties.

5. Long bangs.

At the beginning of the two thousandth's bangs covered the eyebrows and eyes almost. It could still be divided into parting, as well as combing on one side.

Change your image in London will help Ivanna Farysei. Love yourself!

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