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Beauty of girls requires a lot of effort: it is possible to carry out hair extension, to pick up optimum means on leaving. Now masters offer clients unique procedures that allow to improve the complex hairs from roots to tips. A novelty in the world of beauty is pinafores.

Its essence lies in the treatment of hair fire. Nothing terrible and dangerous there – your strands will not burn, burns on the skin will not.

Pinafores: basic intricacies.

Pinafores isn't a new procedure, as it may seem at first glance. This method was used by women in ancient times: they smeared their hair with oil and held them over the fire. It is thanks to such tricks and our ancestors had braids to the waist.

Today, fire is also used in the cosmetic field. Hair care with this procedure is not just effective, but also the highest quality. Girls who are terrified of fire, it is necessary to abandon such exposure.

But still there is nothing to fear. Before the procedure, each master handles curls special material that will not allow them to ignite. Light up hair only when they are dry.

The only thing that will remind you about the fire, is a characteristic crackle. Rarely can to emerge and smells. The most important thing to remember is that your master must be trained and have a special certificate. In no case do not trust yourself to self-taught!

The results of Proporta will appeal to every woman. After treatment with fire curls like transformed. Hair growth is greatly accelerated, the structure becomes more elastic and stronger. The hairs are strengthened, the cross section along the entire length is eliminated.

Strands become shiny and elastic, they shimmer beautifully in the light. The effect can last up to 4 months, but in General it depends on the condition of the curls before the procedure.

The advantages and disadvantages of perforate.

Spend pinafores in London can be many masters in salons – they will select the best tools to work with hair that will provide an individual approach for every client. The fire in this case – absolutely safe element. If the stylist knows exactly how to handle it, there is no risk.

Pinafores has the following advantages.

1. Provides protection of hairs from external factors: high humidity, temperature changes, negative effects of sunlight.

2. Cosmetic compositions do not cause allergies.

3. Due to the fact that the strands are saturated with nutrients, the aging process slows down.

But there are fire treatment and a few drawbacks.

1. In any case, you can not carry out the procedure yourself – you can greatly harm yourself and hair.

2. One session is usually not enough. Since fire treatment is quite expensive, this factor is important.

3. Mandatory consultation with a specialist. Before you decide on the fiery effects, consult with the master.

Let yourself be irresistible!

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