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best hairstyles Megan Markle

Megan Markle became the embodiment of femininity: hairstyles of the best masters helped her in many ways. Beautiful styling and sophisticated style of clothing makes it a real trendsetter. Nothing superfluous, only refined elegance combined with natural charm.

Best hairstyles by Megan Markle.

Elegant hair styling for a long time does not require complex tricks: the easier, the better. This same principle adheres to and Megan Markle: she always prefers do minimal intervention. But the result is above all praise!

1. Rich dark color.

Shiny curls of a rich dark shade are the visiting card of the Duchess. She was rewarded with this wealth by nature, but she herself puts a lot of effort to maintain their beauty. At social events, Megan often appears with a simple styling, the feature of which lies precisely in the naturalness.

2. Light waves.

To give the whole hairstyle an interesting look, you can not wear straight hair, and a little twist the tips. This trick is often used by the Duchess.

3. Parting.

Face Meghan Markle is more suitable for direct parted: her face looks harmonious, highlighted with graceful features. Thanks to it it is possible to achieve additional volume and to give to an image of refinement.

4. Combing hair on one side.

Throwing all the hair on one shoulder-a trick used by many girls. This solution helps to emphasize the face, as well as to create a stylish hairstyle that is suitable for any occasion.

5. Voluminous hairstyles.

Volume never goes out of fashion. To make the strands look more voluminous, you can choose haircuts with different lengths. For example, the Duchess often chooses a ladder or cascade, so that the hair and assembled, and in a loose form look luxurious.

6. Straight hair.

Perfectly straight curls remain relevant for many years. Megan loved these hairstyles, they've added to her character a certain playfulness and elegance simultaneously.

7. Noble hairstyle for a special occasion.

Wedding hairstyle, like Megan Markle, has become the dream of many girls. The Duchess looked irresistible: for all the external simplicity curls emphasized beautiful facial features and perfectly in harmony with the overall calm way.

With the creation of a wedding hairstyle will help master Ivanna Farysei she will choose an elegant option for you.

8. Careless bundles.

Stylish careless bunches with broken strands – one of the favorite options of the Duchess, she looks stylish with them.

9. Asymmetric hairstyle.

Light asymmetric hairstyles are suitable for most girls-they emphasize the beautiful features of the face and allow them to balance.

10. Side parting.

This is a great alternative to direct parting, which is not all.

Feel free to change your hairstyle.

The image of Megan Markle shows that you can look almost every day in a new way while avoiding haircuts and a radical change of color. In London to choose the best image for the wedding and other occasions will help master Ivanna Farysei.

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