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Nicotinic acid

Folk remedies are rich in recipes for hair, no exception is the treatment of hair with nicotinic acid. Many girls who have tried this fairly simple way, noticed the improvement of the strands quickly enough due to the unique composition of the substance.

What is nicotinic acid useful for and how to use it?

We hasten to warn that nicotinic acid and cigarettes have nothing in common, it does not adversely affect human health. Nicotinic acid-a vitamin b, B3 or PP. You can get such a useful component from food. It is found in large quantities in fresh and dried mushrooms, nuts (in the largest number – pistachios, pine nuts and cashews), seeds, peas, buckwheat and wheat.

The beauty and health of hair is unthinkable without a healthy body. And this is possible only if he gets the optimal amount of vitamins and other nutrients. Vitamins a and B are necessary for the formation of keratin – it is responsible for healthy and strong hair.

Nicotinic acid provides high-quality and effective hair care products. You can buy it in any pharmacy in the form of ampoules. Apply it as follows.

1. In acute avitaminosis, the doctor may prescribe injections, which is quite painful.

2. At home, it is enough to RUB it into the scalp. To do this, be sure to use gloves or a brush for hair coloring.

3. The contents of the two vials is poured into a small compact bowl, where it should be rubbed into the roots of wet hair. Wash off this mask is not necessary: it is quickly absorbed and does not stain the curls.

Just a month of regular use is enough to notice the first results. Over time, the hair will begin to fall out less, will grow faster and please the girls with their gorgeous appearance. Strong curls will show you that all your efforts were definitely worth it.

There is another quite effective way. To increase the effectiveness of home masks nicotine mask can be mixed with aloe juice, eggs or honey.

How nicotinic acid works.

Nicotinic acid has a wide range of actions, which favorably affects the condition of the curls.

1. Makes the roots stronger, the hairs grow strong and obedient, they are pleased with their natural Shine and the ability to lay them in any convenient way.

2. It has a significant effect in the treatment of baldness: it improves blood circulation.

3. The warming effect allows to stimulate the growth of new hairs.

In some cases, the use of nicotinic acid can cause negative consequences. So, if there is a tendency to allergies, it can cause itching and redness. Sometimes there is dizziness and upset stomach.

To abandon the use of nicotinic acid should be pregnant and breastfeeding. It is also contraindicated in people with gastric ulcer and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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