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Why hair quickly get dirty

Every girl knows that proper hair care is the basis of a beautiful hairstyle. The problem of quickly getting dirty hair can be solved by giving up some bad habits that have a very negative impact on the condition of the hair as a whole. You will find that your strands will instantly be transformed.

How to prolong the freshness of the hair roots?

Chic and beautiful hair is the result of painstaking care. To make your strands always look perfect, you just need to choose the right tools and forget about some bad habits. Too quickly polluted hair - a problem faced by almost every girl.

The reason for oily roots may lie not only in the peculiarities of curls. It is also a bad environment, too hard water, poor quality shampoo. But it is also worth remembering a few simple rules.

1. Try not to touch the hair.

Our hands are not sterile throughout the day, and the habit of constantly correcting her hair in the end leads to the fact that it deposited dust and particles of sebum. Touch the curls only if necessary, at all other times try to avoid it. Over time, will be able to unlearn such an unpleasant habit.

2. Take care of the comb and comb less often.

No need to comb your hair several times a day: this way you stimulate the sebaceous glands, which leads to rapid contamination. Do not forget at least twice a month to wash the comb with shampoo to rid it of particles of sebum, dandruff, fallen hairs and dust. Regularly remove from the teeth fallen hair, so as not to harm their healthy.

3. Choose the right shampoo.

Pick up shampoo and other care products need only taking into account the characteristics of the scalp and hair in General. Use shampoo should only care for the roots, and the entire length should be applied conditioner or balm. Rinse the root area thoroughly with warm water after shampooing to rinse well. From time to time, you need to use a scalp scrub and carry out deep cleaning procedures.

4. Wash your strands as needed.

As you know, wash your hair too often is not recommended. The only exception is the owner of oily hair, for which it is necessary, otherwise the hair will be too untidy. In other cases, enough 3 washes per week, as too frequent washing will cause the body to produce a large amount of sebum

Treat your hair properly.

Fresh hair is always beautiful and neat, thanks to them you can create any hairstyle. To extend the freshness of the roots, you need to follow a few simple rules. They will not just forget about frequent washing, but also heal every hair as a whole.

Only four simple steps will allow you to extend the freshness even in the most problematic area – at the roots. With such tricks your curls will be transformed before our eyes.

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