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Bad habits

Beautiful curls-the dream of many girls, and professional advice on hair care will allow to achieve this. To your strands were healthy, strong and beautiful, it is necessary to abandon a number of habits that are harmful to the roots and the entire length as a whole.

Bad habits during hair care.

Healthy well-groomed hair may well become your pride if you stop repeating harmful actions. According to the observations of stylists, in most cases they are the main cause of deterioration of the strands.

1. Dirty comb.

On the comb accumulate particles of sebum, dandruff, dust and fallen hairs. That is why it is necessary a couple of times a month to rinse thoroughly with shampoo. For intervals between the teeth is well suited unnecessary toothbrush.

2. The same tail.

If you like to collect hair, it is best to move to soft elastic bands that do not create creases and do not make the hairs in those places too thin. To prevent creases tail is best to fix in different places: so you not only diversify your appearance, but also protect the strands.

3. Too much styling products.

The composition of styling products (varnishes, foams, gels) is too far from perfect. Particles settle at the roots, block blood circulation, provoke hair loss, worsen their growth. Try to minimize the use of such substances.

4. Hot dryer drying.

Better to opt out of the dryer – he curls feel much worse. If this is not possible, then at least do not dry very wet hair under too hot air – damage is inevitable.

5. Wrong combing.

Pick up a comb, as well as care products, you need very carefully: only in this case, you can achieve optimal results and stimulate blood circulation. Avoid combing wet curls: they are sensitive to mechanical damage.

6. Do not touch the hair.

Our hands are sterile. Constant touch to the strands lead to the fact that they too quickly become untidy and dirty, near the roots accumulate a large amount of sebum, and the tips begin to split.

7. Constant change of care.

Many girls believe that sooner or later their hair get used to the shampoo, so it should be changed from time to time. To find a replacement care is necessary in the case that your strands negatively react to them.

8. Wrong wash.

To make your hair pleasing chic appearance, shampoo should be applied only to the roots of the hair. The resulting foam will be enough to wash the tips: so they will not be cut.

9. Sun protection.

Direct sunlight is the enemy of strands. They need to constantly hide under fashionable scarves or use thermal protection to minimize the impact of ultraviolet radiation.

Important details in hair care.

Master Ivanna Farysei also recommends replacing the cotton pillow with a silk one: the effect will be even better. Such simple steps will allow you to achieve the perfect beauty of curls.

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