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Thermal protection

Many girls know that thermal protection for hair styling allows you to minimize the harm from the impact on the curls of high temperatures. If you do not want and are not ready to completely abandon the hot styling, then you must constantly use the means with thermal protection. They minimize the damage during styling.

What is thermal protection?

Stylists do not just call for the opportunity to abandon the hot styling. During this exposure from the curls begins to evaporate natural moisture, which is why they begin to look lifeless. Lovers of such styling noticed that the strands fade, fluff, become hard, thin and split.

To maintain a healthy hair appearance helps thermal protection. They include silicone, which envelops each hair and allows you to protect it from the harmful effects of high temperature conditions. This substance has a minimum thermal conductivity, so the strands are under reliable protection.

In addition, the composition of this tool includes vitamins and other nutrients that protect the curls from the negative effects from the outside. There are three types of such tools.

1. Washable. They must be applied either before washing hair or during.

2. Indelible. Such means are very convenient in the course of use: it is necessary to put only necessary quantity on strands and to begin packing.

3. Two-phase. These options are best suited to create a female hairstyle using irons or Curling irons.

Select the best tool and need to take into account the type of hair.

How to choose thermal protection by hair type.

An important factor in the selection of thermal protection for curls is their type, as the strands can react differently to high temperatures.

1. Thin hair needs increased protection, it is best to choose indelible options.

2. Dry curls are best suited mousses and foams, which have average protection indicators.

3. If the hair is a normal type, it is enough to do special sprays with a sufficient indicator of protection.

4. For curls mixed type is best to buy a light cream with high protection.

5. If the strands are of the fat type, then a light cream is needed to protect the tips from high temperature conditions.

Please also note that in most cases one tool can be used as a fixing. That is why there is no need to apply too many solutions.

It is best to choose thermal protection with panthenol – it has a very careful attitude to the hair. In the composition of the means in any case should not be alcohol or oils.

Hair styling at Ivanna Farysei is the creation of hairstyles of any complexity, taking into account all the features of the curls of clients. Master picks the right tools to ensure that your strands are always healthy and beautiful. Stylist offers the best prices for their services in London.

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