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Anti-hair at home

Girls dream of beautiful hair every day, but not all nature has awarded such wealth. The beauty industry is full of tempting offers: curls can be made perfectly straight and shiny, make playful curls, achieve perfect length. But almost every procedure has its pitfalls, which are sure to know.

Top 5 harmful hair treatments at home.

Hair treatments today are quite widely. Each of them promises the girls a perfect condition curls, as many dream. Reviews on the Internet and the seeming real stories of girls tell us that you can refuse to go to the salon and make your curls chic without help. But is it?

1. Keratin straightening.

The purpose of keratin straightening-smooth, shiny and obedient curls, just like from advertising. But in practice, the girls are not faced with the most positive results: the effect can last a couple of days, and then the composition is washed away. Hair become worse, begin to break down, to electrify, to split. The problem is incompetence: the wrong solution with a high rate of formaldehyde is selected, which is also applied not as stated in the instructions. Don't do such a complicated procedure on their own!

2. Botox for hair.

This procedure in its characteristics and results resembles keratin straightening. As a result, women should get perfectly smooth and manageable hair that even without styling look gorgeous. And they get, but only in the hands of a talented master! The difference between keratin and Botox is different in the compositions. In the second case, organic keratin is replaced by protein substances that resemble it in their properties. The claimed effect becomes real and lasts for a long time only when a professional stylist takes up the work.

3. Perm.

Perky curls-the dream of many girls. This hairstyle every day looks voluminous and elegant, it does not require the use of special tools. Not all curls tolerate Perm equally: in most cases, it has a very negative effect on the quality of the strands. After such exposure, the hairs become thin and brittle. That is why Ivanna Farysei insists that you need to visit only professional masters. No one but them will be able to cope with the task. Do not try to make a Perm yourself – the result can be disastrous!

4. Lamination of hair.

The essence of lamination is to apply a special dense composition, which makes the curls shiny and smooth. But at that time, under such a thick layer of cosmetic resources, they can not receive nutrients. Especially unsuccessful are conducted independently experiments-for example, lamination with gelatin. But the use of the right solution, selected by the type of hair, and a pair of skilled hands-and the result is gorgeous!

5. Staining at home.

Girls try to find the optimal technique of staining for themselves, which is not always possible. In most cases, self-painting ends badly: the color does not match, the hair becomes hard and disgusting to the touch. What is the secret? In competence! That is why it is better to be painted by the master – with him a shade of curls will be the one you dreamed of!

Love your hair.

Any procedure at home is fraught with deterioration of the hair and the fact that the length will have to leave. Ivanna Pharisee recommends in any case not to risk, but to go only to professional masters. None of the savings is not worth it to the curls had to be urgently resuscitated!

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