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Winter hairstyles

Winter scares many girls, but in vain: even at this time of year hairstyles of the best masters will look great. The cap does not spoil the styling, you only need to properly prepare the strands for such an accessory. And in any case do not give up hats: the cold has a negative effect on the curls and can cause colds.

Best hairstyles for winter.

Many girls in the winter decide to abandon the styling and make a choice in the direction of simple hairstyles-tails, bundles and much more. But in the harsh cold can be irresistible and emphasize their beautiful hair, and not hide them. Cap does not spoil them, if the styling will be a professional.

Options winter hairstyles very much listed below-the most popular and always relevant.

1. Frizz.

Light waves peeking out from under the cap always attract attention. This romantic hairstyle is universal: it is suitable for a date with a loved one, and for corporate parties, and as a daily option. The laying, which the master makes to his client, is not deformed under the influence of moisture and low temperatures.

To remain chic, lightweight fleece makes a mid-length, not closer to the roots. Thanks to it even after the girl will remove a cap, with curls there will be a full order. The result is assigned a quality styling product.

2. Strands of face.

This elegant hair styling is done as quickly and easily as possible, and the result is brilliant. This hairstyle is suitable for both owners of long hair and quads. The essence is that the stylist gives the volume at the roots, and the ends of the Curling Curling in the direction of the face. As a result – volume hairstyle that looks very neat and sophisticated.

To maintain the health of the curls, the hairdresser uses thermal protection. The result is fixed quality hairspray, which is applied strictly in moderation, otherwise the hairs stick together and will look untidy.

3. Nettings.

Not all weaving will be neat under the cap. That is why the masters make their clients not too voluminous and tight braids that do not get loose and they will not look out of the strands. Braids should fit snugly to the scalp to make the whole hairstyle looked as neat as possible.

To hair looked neat for a long time, the master uses varnish to fix. It should be applied a little to the hairs do not stick together.

Chic hair styling from a professional stylist.

Make laying at any time of the year in London, you can master Ivanna Farysei. She finds an individual approach to each client and tries to make styling that will be beneficial to emphasize the beautiful features of the face. The master works so that all clients were satisfied:

  • very gentle on their hair;
  • uses thermal protection during hot installation;
  • for fixing hairstyles selects only high-quality tools that will only benefit.
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