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Dry shampoo

A neat and beautiful hairstyle every day is now possible: beautiful hair will now always be one step closer. Wash your head in a classic way every day stylists do not recommend: aggressive formulations can adversely affect both the skin and the entire length of the curls. They become dry and brittle, increased loss, dandruff appears.
But there is an alternative! It is not necessary to sacrifice a neat and tidy hairstyle to maintain the health of the strands. Come to the aid of dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo: a great helper for hair styling.

Hair styling is carried out with clean roots: otherwise the hair will eventually be untidy, sloppy, it will not save even an expensive tool for styling. To bring the hair roots in order and get rid of natural sebum, you can use a dry shampoo. It will carefully remove dirt and return a fresh look to the curls.

This cosmetic product has a number of advantages:

  • saves time in emergency situations. For example, not every girl can afford the luxury of washing her hair in the morning-you want to sleep an extra hour;
  • gently cleanses oily roots. Sebum-a natural process, due to which the curls and become untidy, the tool eliminates the problem;
  • can be used in conditions where it is impossible to wash the strands in the usual way. For example, in long trips, on a business trip and in other similar cases.

Dry shampoo is very convenient to use. It is enough to spray it on the samples and follow the instructions below to get a great result. The range of products from each manufacturer is quite wide: it is necessary to select the product taking into account the peculiarities of the curls.

How to use dry shampoo.

Techniques for spraying dry shampoo is not special, everything happens according to the standard instructions, which is attached to each shampoo regardless of the brand. The procedure takes an average of 10 minutes, and the effect is as if you have just washed your head with the use of the usual liquid product.

But in the case of spray can avoid the drying process with a Hairdryer, which is also not too good effect on the state of the strands. The use of dry shampoo occurs in several stages.

1. From the beginning, the hair should be divided into parting, so that you can apply the contents of the can to the root zone, which usually accumulates sebum.

2. You can start applying the product. Spray it at a distance of 15 cm from the roots so that the hair does not accumulate too much powder. During use it would seem that the head is covered with chalk – but then it will disappear.

3. Now 5-10 minutes have no touching of the hair. After the time you need to gently massage the root zone to shampoo absorbed all the sebum.

4. Comb need to comb out the remnants of funds to curls have become the most clean and neat.

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