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Winter tips-what

In the cold season, our hair needs maximum care: treatment, selection of special effective means. Be sure to wear a hat in the winter: curls negatively perceive too low temperature, and for the immune system it will be better.

Proper hair care in winter.

The main reason that the hair began to electrify, is contact with synthetic materials. This applies primarily to outerwear, hats, hoods, scarves. To avoid this problem, you need to follow a few simple rules.

1. Change your shampoo.

It is likely that the hair began to electrify because of the wrong shampoo: it is important that he did not make them dry. Experts recommend making a choice in favor of nutritious and moisturizing options: they should comprehensively solve this and other problems in a complex way.

2. Start making masks.

Homemade nourishing masks are a great way to tidy up even the most unruly strands. A great way out of the situation will be oil masks. If you have naturally dry curls, it is recommended to use jojoba, peach or olive. Oils are practically a panacea. They smooth the structure of the hair, return natural Shine and silkiness.

Before using oils, be sure to test for allergies. But please note that this proper hair care gives results immediately. It is necessary to make several courses for 4-5 weeks, and then take a break for a month. The result is gorgeous-the strands are literally transformed!

3. Use indelible means.

"Not wash" - another very relevant element in care cosmetics for your locks. They maintain the beauty and health of the hair, make the tips well-groomed, relieve the length of electrification. If ready-made purchase options seem unnatural to you, you can use natural oils. Wonderful as a leave-in agent suitable coconut or lavender oil.

4. Choose a wooden comb.

If you use a plastic comb and notice that the hair is highly electrified, the problem may be just that. In the cold season, hair care involves the use of a wooden comb.

Don't forget about hair care.

In winter, Ivanna Farysei recommends her clients to pay as much attention to the hair as possible: they need the same support as the whole body. Do not forget about the simple ways that always give a great result.

1. Give up the time of the varnish for laying, and pay attention to the special antistatic.

2. Braid your hair. In most cases, the culprit of electrification and untidy hairstyles are hats. To avoid such unpleasant situations, it is necessary to braid beautiful and tight braids.

3. Replace the hood with a cap made of natural materials.

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