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Hair correction is individual, as each of us has a different speed of hair growth. Practice shows that more than three months to wear extended strands does not recommend!

Strands overload the hair root, which can not be tolerated! The process of correction donor hair:

- come to the correction with not washed head (I will do it again);

- I remove hair with a special forceps pre-softened them with a product based on alcohol. I do it gently and carefully, to avoid damage of native hair;

- I wash your head with a shampoo that removes excess oil from the hair;

- I start the capsulation of the strands and extensions. The old capsules is cut and make a new one, so each time the extended hair become shorter, this means that you need to select donor hair for extentions at least 10 cm longer than your own hair. Otherwise, after a few corrections, you need to buy a new hair. Hairs using the same and you have an opportinuty to add a new strand;

- I shape the hair.

Girls! Your hair is not threatened if you follow all my recommendations!

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