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Secrets of transformation-hairstyles

One of the main decorations of women are gorgeous beautiful hair, which nature has awarded not all. Despite the unpleasant situation in General, you can find a very interesting way out of it. Stylists choose such hairstyles that could hide this drawback, and make a beautiful styling.

Gorgeous and beautiful hair is now quite real.

Thin hair is not a sentence. If genetically developed so, no care products, even the most expensive and with a lot of positive feedback, will not solve the problem. But do not be upset and put up with the situation – stylists can turn even the rarest strands in a chic hairstyle.

Thin hair necessarily need quality care. This is due to the fact that they are weak and need increased protection from environmental factors. So do not be amiss to pick up special tools that will not promise impossible properties, and will give a gentle cleansing.

An excellent way out of the situation can be a build-up. But this method has several nuances for the owners of sparse hair:

  • if the bulbs are weakened, they must first be strengthened, otherwise they simply can not stand even small capsules;
  • if the loss does not stop, it is necessary to consult a specialist-it is possible to miss the beginning of a serious disease;
  • it is necessary to make sure that the master forms the minimum capsules of organic keratin, otherwise they will be clearly visible among the fine hairs.

Hairstyles for thin hair.

Ivanna Farysei tries to please every client, which is why the owners of thin hair are satisfied with the results of her work. She does everything possible to ensure that even the rare series looked three-dimensional, had a natural Shine and radiated health. There are several tricks to transform the hairstyle.

1. Haircut is best to choose a multi-level: it will hide the drawback, give a visual volume. Further care is simple, can handle him any girl.

2. Choose the right length. Optimally – to hair was to his shoulders. This length allows the strands to look bulkier, they get the maximum nutrients. Too short hairstyles will not look voluminous, and long hair will quickly begin to resemble dry straw.

3. When the time comes to trim the ends it is best to pay attention to the haircut hot scissors. This procedure allows to minimize the process of further section, curls will look neat longer.

4. Uniform coloring in a dark color visually "steals" the volume. That is why stylists recommend choosing complex techniques: for example, a smooth transition from dark to light shades. Will look good and highlights.

5. Optimal styling-hair dryer drying against the direction of hair growth. This simple method will allow to achieve the maximum possible volume.

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