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Treatment and protection of colored hair

Painted curls need special attention – expert tips on hair care will allow you to achieve excellent results. Shiny and healthy strands always attract the attention of both the opposite sex and women. Want to touch them, to stroke and admire their beautiful state.

Healthy hair: how to achieve it.

Healthy hair and their condition in General is a dream of almost every girl. It is possible to achieve smart results even if curls were painted (and even if not once). Just follow the simple rules to make your hair look luxurious.

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle.

External beauty begins with good physical health. Pay attention to your lifestyle, it greatly affects the condition of the curls. Give up cigarettes and alcohol (or at least reduce their number), minimize the use of sweet, forget about fast food. More vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, protein, dairy products in your diet will do the trick.

2. Observe the mode of water consumption.

Perhaps, each girl heard that it is necessary to drink at least 1,5 liters of water a day. And that's right, because dehydration has a very negative impact on the state of the whole body and hair in particular. Please note that 1.5 litres does not include liquid soups, juices, tea or coffee. This is a normal dose for an adult, positively affecting the state of health in General.

3. Less often wash your hair.

Healthy and well-groomed hair becomes real when it is not washed too often. First of all, this applies to people with dyed curls: otherwise the pigment is washed very quickly. But this rule applies to all girls in General: frequent washing dries the scalp, provokes dandruff.

If the roots are naturally greasy, it is necessary to select medical cosmetics to eliminate the problem, but in any case do not start to wash your head too often. As a result, you can get dry skin and seborrhea.

4. Pick up special funds for the care.

Highlighting hair to look beautiful, glittered and generally attracted admiring glances, masks and balms need to pick up a special. Any other means contribute to the rapid leaching of the pigment: as a result, the color may become uneven and dull.

Small recommendations from the wizard.

Master Ivanna Farysei recommends strictly adhere to all of the above rules, which will keep the color bright and healthy hair. There are some other tips to keep in mind.

1. Wet hair don't need too much to wipe with a towel, it is enough just to get wet.

2. For washing is best suited only warm water and in any case not hot. Otherwise, you can greatly damage the structure of the hair as a whole.

3. At least once a week you need to do nourishing and regenerating masks – they will make the curls beautiful.

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