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Amazing and spectacular hairstyles

БYou always want to be irresistible, and evening hairstyles for corporate parties will allow you to be the center of attention at a fun party. The master ensures that you will look unbeatable both in photos and live. It is enough only to address to the professional and to tell him about the wishes – he will do everything possible.

Fashionable styling: all modern trends.

Fashionable styling for corporate parties is a great addition to an evening cocktail dress or a beautiful suit. You can make any favorite hairstyle, the main thing – to turn to a talented stylist. Immediately before the party, you can also significantly improve the condition of your hair, if you make a pre-lamination or extension.

Going to the corporate party, the girls try to choose the most unusual hairstyles that can become a real highlight of the image. But you can still pay attention to the simpler options, which with the correct filing are a trend for several years. In addition, they will emphasize the natural beauty of the hair.

1. Classic bundle.

Many girls underestimate such laying, but in vain-it can be very interesting to diversify. Bundle, complemented by cute strands, twisted on the Curling iron, really looks very stylish, romantic and fresh. Is this hairstyle exclusively in the fresh hair: it is best to wash them in the morning.

The beam may be low. It is formed almost on the back of the head to make it look more spectacular, it is decorated with beautiful ribbons to match the dress.

2. Romantic hairstyle.

This option looks best on long hair, and on strands of medium length. Everything is as simple as possible: the master needs a little twist curls on a Curling iron or special curlers, put them and fix the result with varnish.

If you do not want your hair to be loose and fall freely on the shoulders, the front strands can be stabbed with a beautiful accessory. Pick it up is according to the style of the evening dress.

3. Styling for short hair.

If the curls are short, then they can be turned into a wonderful feminine hairstyle – they can be aligned so that they are smooth, as well as handle special styling products. This will add Shine and chic, as well as make the image very stylish.

4. «Wet hair»

The effect of wet hair back into fashion-great this styling will look in the case when the fun is planned all evening until late at night. Especially it is suitable for dance parties.

In London, such wonderful hairstyles for corporate parties will make master Ivanna Farysei.

The best hairstyles for fun parties.

Women's hairstyles and hair styling from Ivanna Farysei are stylish and beautiful options that will make you a real star of the evening! To hairstyle looked irresistible, remember a few rules:

  • hair must be clean;
  • feel free to share your preferences with the stylist;
  • try to avoid excessive humidity.
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