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Hair color for blondes

If you are thinking about what color to dye your hair blonde, it says that you are ready to experiment! Master Ivanna Farysei is sure to help you with this: this season in fashion beautiful and rich shades that will help to transform.

Stylish shades for blonde coloring.

Natural light hair color-bliss for the master: it allows you to implement even the most daring ideas of clients. Due to the natural shade it is possible to achieve the desired result of staining even without prior clarification. You can choose any option that will emphasize the natural beauty of your face.

In 2019, the fashion will be beautiful shades of hair that will appeal to lovers of tenderness and originality at the same time. Natural blonde can be slightly transformed by adding mint shades. A win-win option will be a dark chocolate color, shade tsvetotip.

1. Small highlights.

looks very harmonious hair with a small harmonious patches of another hue. To keep the image as natural as possible, it is recommended for highlighting to choose the most approximate shades of blonde or light brown. Due to the fact that very small strands are lightened, the hairstyle looks neat and stylish.

The presence of a lighter color allows you to refresh the face as a whole, to shade it. Many women say that after the procedure they look younger.

2. Champagne color.

Champagne-a very rich and versatile shade, which plays several tones. Under certain lighting will appear peach, Golden, pink, silver colors. To hairstyle turned out even more spectacular, it can be applied to liquid crystals: Shine will attract even more attention.

3. Rusyi.

This color is a godsend for natural blondes. It can be done multifaceted, to make it look more fun and original. The technique involves the inclusion of darker or lighter areas, and the most daring girls can experiment with metal inclusions.

Light brown coloring has long ceased to be boring, as many are used to seeing it. Is a versatile solution to making stylish way.

4. Pink shade.

After hair extension, you can try and paint the result in a shade with a light pink. Dusty pink looks always a winner! There is also a very bold solution – coloring in neon fuchsia.

5. Coral.

Orange-pink color together with a Golden undertone is deservedly considered the main color of 2019. He came in coloring: thanks to a special technique blorange the result can be more muted and not look so colorful.

Be different!

Ivanna Farysei will help every blonde to find the best color: her services in London are very popular. Try it and You: it takes care of natural hair, offers shades that will emphasize your natural beauty!

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