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How to protect your hair

Every girl knows that hair care in winter should be more intense and fuller than in the warm season. It is in the harsh cold curls become weak, lose their luxurious appearance-this is a consequence of incorrectly selected funds, and vitamin deficiency. Let's learn together about ways to improve the situation!

Simple recommendations for winter cold.

The very first mistake that many girls make is neglect of hats. With the beginning of cold weather, you need to wear a hat: it will not only protect the body from seasonal diseases, but also preserve the beauty and density of hair. The thing is that under the influence of low temperatures, blood circulation deteriorates, the hairs get less nutrition. You can also take a course of the best hair treatments to the situation was under control.

1. Pay attention to the fallout.

The daily rate of hair loss is 100 hairs per day. To sound the alarm when this number increases. Count the fallen hairs to be sure not to have a reason to panic. If the situation is critical, consult a trichologist. To maintain the health of curls eat right, drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day, more are in the fresh air and be sure to get enough sleep.

2. Go to winter care.

All popular manufacturers of shampoos have a special line, designed specifically for care in the winter cold. They include components that provide maximum nutrition and hydration. Botox will also help to solve this problem.

3. Use the antistatic.

The interaction of the strands with synthetic or fur gives an interesting effect – the curls are starting to electrify and electrocute everyone around literally. This component is in the styling tools: they allow not only to create a beautiful and spectacular hairstyle, but also to keep it neat.

4. Moisturize your hair.

For this purpose, suitable not only for cosmetic products with moisturizing components. Our curls need moisture coming from the inside: drink enough clean water. To increase the effect is recommended to get and humidifier: during the heating season, the atmosphere in the room becomes almost unbearable. For example, beautiful hair will be using liquid crystals.

5. Control the oiliness of the hair.

In the winter cold scalp emits a lot of sebum: apparently, it is a protective reaction, which allows thus "warm" layer of the epidermis. Fatty roots adversely affect the condition of the curls: they become weak, significantly shortens the life cycle of the hairs. Detox procedure can help in this case.

Services of Ivanna Pharisee.

Master Ivanna Farysei will help you find the best ways to care for curls in the winter cold. She selects the best techniques and procedures by which the hair will look great. Botox, detox, modern haircut, beautiful styling will help you look irresistible in the cold season!

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